“I have heard it all my life, a voice calling a name I recognized as my own.   Sometimes it comes as a soft-bellied whisper. Sometimes it holds an edge of urgency. 

But always it says:  Wake up my love.   You are walking asleep.  There’s no safety in that!”

                                            Oriah Mountain Dreamer, “The Call: Discovering Why You Are Here”


We are all one.  We are all connected.  Unfortunately, we forget that truth as we go about our days.  In fact, many would say that we are actually socialized to believe the exact opposite!  There is talk of scarcity, violence and hate – and each of these lead to the experience of separation.

The challenge for us is to discern between the knowing of our soul (we are one) with the experience of our personality (we are separate).

Often to deal with these conflicting paradigms, we choose different methods to numb our awarenesses, our truths.  For some, the method of choice is using a particular substance (alcohol, drugs, food).  For others, it is choosing a limiting behaviour that blocks the soul from full expression (overworking, shopping, recurring unhealthy relationship patterns).

Each of these activities serves to numb the Self when it feels uncomfortable as it attempts to move through limiting beliefs and re-member its truth.

The jarring energetic disconnect between perception and reality is even more strongly felt by unskilled Empaths.  This is why returning our awarenesses to our true Selves and embracing all that we are is so important.  The clearer and more balanced you feel, the easier it to maintain the integrity of your energetic fields.  You are less likely to be triggered by another’s behaviours or emotions, which also means you are less likely to do an unconscious energetic merge and feel depleted.  Taking time to simply ‘be’ is indeed time well spent.


Exercise – Day Three

Today’s exercise is not about reaching for some perceived ideal of perfection of the spiritual Self.  Rather, today’s exercise is simply about being, in essence embracing all that you are.

You are being invited to take 2 minutes today and stop.  STOP!  For 2 minutes today, I am inviting you to sit still somewhere.  No music, no thoughts, no visualization.  You shall be the observer of what it is like to simply be.  There is nothing to accomplish, nowhere to go, no way to behave.  It is a simple exercise of observation.

As thoughts come up (and we know from our work with the mental mind that there could be thoughts pop up here and there) notice them.  ‘Ah that is a thought,’ and then allow it to drift away from your awareness on the next breath and return to simply being.  You are the observer.  There is nothing you need to do, no action you need to take in this moment.

This type of mini-vacation from being a human doing, allows you to return to a divine state of grace – your wonderful human being Self!  Two minutes could seem like a short time to do this exercise for some it may seem quite lengthy.  In fact, being fully present for 2 minutes could be long enough to notice the struggle between personality and soul.  If this happens, simply notice where the mind goes and what you feel pulled to do to dismiss the thoughts and/or feelings.  What reflex strategy have you developed to avoid ‘uncomfortable’ feelings or awareness that arise?

I would recommend deeper work, like energetic balancing and/or coaching/counselling as a support to explore these strategies you have developed.  You could choose to learn and incorporate new, healthier strategies that would be more empowering for you at this time.


Affirmation- Day Three

In every moment I am at choice.  I choose to be at peace in this moment.  All is well in my world, for I am divinely taken care of.  So be it, so it is.


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