I haven’t wanted to move so often. Really I haven’t. But it happens. When I am called on somewhere to be of service or the energy shifts to signal it is no longer nourishing for body and soul, I go. I pack up myself and my fur baby family and we hit the road. For… Read More

It’s Christmas Eve and I am checking in with you all. Saw some tears out there so let me remind you of something ok? How things were, doesn’t have to be how they are.  Often the sadness means we are in the past. For those grieving past Christmases or still working through issues of the past, please… Read More

As a special thank you for an amazing year with clients and friends, I am sharing ‘Unity’ from my Journey of the Heart CD. And I want to tell you my friends about just why it is so special to me. Tears come to my eyes as I share this because this song was gifted… Read More

Twas the night before Solstice … and a few nights before Christmas, but we can honour the holiday moments  together right? Does it really matter what holiday you are celebrating? Isn’t the key thing to acknowledge in our hearts core principles that cross religions and cultures? Truth. Love. Compassion. Creating a life of meaning. Heck I bet… Read More

  YES! Being yourself may feel risky, but not doing so is DANGEROUS! Share your most Authentic Self this holiday season! You just never know what might happen. Case in point. I was in the Starbucks bathroom a few years back and heard someone singing ‘scooby doobie doo’ a la Frank Sinatra. I looked under… Read More

Trying to organize while packing for an unanticipated move this week has left me overwhelmed and in tears at times as I see the holiday lights go up and think of the many who have been travelling to find safety and comfort. I am not the only one seeking shelter at this time. And my… Read More

Does your mind really control the flow of good in your life? YES! You have the power to create a life you love… or even more profoundly to love the life you have created even before it looks like the way you wish it would. That power to create your life as a beautiful work… Read More

Just read news of Sinéad O’Connors’ purported suicide FB note and felt that perhaps we need to send love. That’s what inspired today’s post. As the festive season comes closer there will be more energetic requests for love. They may be directly spoken or indirectly expressed as energetic hooks. The discerning Empowered Empath who honours… Read More

Secret to share. There was something hypnotic about this morning’s ocean waves. I swear I was travelling across to the shores of Ireland again as I stood there for a bit while Bliss and Shanti played tug of war over their lighthouse toy. Suddenly Declan was singing in my head. Click here to transport yourself… Read More

Some divide things so black and white and they fight to win an argument. It is done on a grand scale in wars. It is done on a smaller scale in business — where marketing is all about strategies and targets and convincing others of how much they need your product or service to “save”… Read More