Just back from the amazing Miramichi Wellness/Holistic Fair​ and already looking ahead to share some neat ahas with you that are leading to more unique wellness programming for you at EagleSpirit Journeys, but it is time to slow down for the evening and simply BE. No speedy girl tonight for me. Allowing things to unfold… Read More

This. THWACK. Hurts. THWACK. Me. THRACK. More than it hurts you! THWACK THWACK THWACK.. she would yell over me as I stifled my tears and held my screams inside. No way was I going to give her the satisfaction of hearing me cry out for mercy. But you know what truly hurt? The hateful words that… Read More

Have you ever noticed that when you have the courage to make a new choice or big change in your life, that those around you can get uncomfortable? Please know that that is THEIR uncomfortableness because they may not be able to imagine choosing your path or because your choice may shift the status quo… Read More

Who ever told you that to be successful you needed to be serious was.. frankly.. wrong. In fact you are more likely to be successful if you are following your passion, or at the very least loving what you are doing no matter what it is. Just what type of sign are you looking for… Read More

Loving and appreciating your body, rather than criticizing it allows you to more fully enjoy being in the world. It also might make you less of a consumer of the ‘crap’ – both in the physical and in the messaging you take in. But don’t you deserve to enjoy the body you are in.. right… Read More

You are so much more than the physical body and when all is balanced and in alignment in your four energetic bodies…. WOW! There is so much you can accomplish by simply BEING you! As we celebrate today’s International Day of Non-violence it only seems fitting we discuss how becoming more ‘me-sponsible’ means practicing radical… Read More

Jazz hands has become my theme for the weekend as I celebrate moments. Usually I am doing it from behind a camera, or after a session and reflecting on the neat insights clients get on the table. But this weekend there are going to be a lot of special moments and I am going to… Read More

Ask for what you need and believe you will receive that or something even better that is in the highest good for all. Your job is to be clear about what you want and then, by listening deep to that still small voice within, taking the next step as you are guided. May I give… Read More

Talk Story Tuesdays is focusing on beauty this week and giving yourself another shot at positive self-talk. Why? Because I have heard your self-talk and it not as helpful as you might think. Being hard on yourself is not going to get you the peace you seek. Here are a few helpful things to notice… Read More