You can read all the spiritual books, but honey without practical application your personality is going to continue with the struggle for control. It fears being out of a job if it is no longer needed to plan and prepare and prevent anything ‘out of the ordinary’ to happen. But that’s where the magic lies,… Read More


What thoughts are you making firm in your mind right now? And how are they working for you? Want to create a solid foundation to move forward from? It is not about money, or romantic relationships or the right job. It is about creating right relationship with the one person who will be with you… Read More

We disconnect so many ways during our day. Sometimes rather deliberately too. In fact, different healing strategies suggest shielding is very necessary to survive the energetic onslaught that awaits you when you leave your door. But does anyone else see the problem with this? The very thing we say we wish.. a deep soulful connection…… Read More


Affirmations. Making firm in your mind what you wish to be experiencing. Self-help gurus often tell you to keep doing your affirmations as they have prescribed and eventually, after great practice of ‘faking it till you make it’, you too can BE, DO or HAVE what it is you desire. But what if that still… Read More

You give yourself permission to grieve by recognizing the need for grieving. Grieving is the natural way of working through the loss of a love. Grieving is not weakness nor absence of faith. Grieving is as natural as crying when you are hurt, sleeping when you are tired or sneezing when your nose itches. It… Read More


My goodness once we get over worrying about our physical bodies being ‘perfect’ enough, suddenly it is suggested that our chakras aren’t spinning in the right direction, or our energies aren’t in alignment with the moon’s rhythm or… you get the gist right? Somehow we carry our quest to be loveable into our spiritual search.… Read More


Years ago I was very upset about the choices someone was making and the suffering he would cause both himself and others when a wise friend Joe told me, ‘well EagleSpirit you can’t save all the drowning puppies.’ I was shocked.   But in his own way Joe was explaining that a life of service… Read More