Give unconditional love and acceptance for all this season, including YOU! Isn’t it time you treated yourself as lovingly as you treat your dearest friend or loved one? Perhaps you have heard of the phrase, “The past is history. The future is a mystery. The gift is in the present.” It is perfect for the holidays!! When… Read More

      Today is the anniversary of the passing of a local sensitive soul that our community lost last year and so I really want to focus on key self-care tips and tools in today’s blog. But before we go there, let’s take a moment to share some important information to you or a… Read More

It feels good to gather and share from the heart, so really consider where and how you are spending your time.  Holidays are supposed to be about connection and traditions that bring us closer together and how we do that could be changing! One family I heard about had been sending the same darn Christmas card… Read More

    Stress is the difference between reality and expectations and Sensitive Souls deal with the reality of energetic overwhelm when we ignore our needs and unplug from what traditionally works best for us… RADICAL SELF CARE! So this year, when thinking about what you are getting for your loved ones, honour your financial and… Read More

  Our sensitivities are a spiritual gift, an inner GPS (God/dess positioning system) showing us where we need to deepen into love.  With the special sense of connection and unity during the holidays, many of us wish that this attitude would last year round because the world would be a kinder gentler place. Somehow, even when… Read More

    Can we have a little heart to heart for a moment? You know all the things you always loved about the holidays? You can still have them. In fact, as a Sensitive Soul, you just might NEED them right now and so this is your official permission to make wherever you are comfortable… Read More

Being grounded and present in your physical body at this time of year can be truly sense-ational! Listen to the music that is especially sacred at this time, whether it is Hannukah, Christmas, Solstice or Kwanzaa that you celebrate. Taste the treats of the season. Feel the sensual pleasure of soft velour, fleece and silk… Read More

  Self-care is a necessity during the holiday season!! Why? Because of the accumulation of trauma and drama over the years.. not only ours, but those we may be doing unconscious energetic merges with. Suddenly holiday songs remind us of sadder times. But truly, songs are just songs. And at one time, perhaps many years ago,… Read More