Where did the sparks go? That light in your eyes is so inspiring. Feel like you lost it somewhere along the way? Probably means you have disconnected with your truth somewhere during your everyday experience. Travel is my favourite way to reconnect to that inner flame. But don’t let anyone fool you. It isn’t always an exotic… Read More

Who Really Needs Rescuing? You know we wear our hearts on our sleeves, us #SensitiveSouls, and we jump at the chance to rescue anyone or anything. Even when we aren’t asked. Oops! Red flag. Red flag. ‚ÄúSensitive people care when the world doesn’t because we understand waiting to be rescued and no one shows up. We… Read More

Two ears. One Mouth. Could it mean something? It does for Empaths and we do it naturally. In fact we can’t even help ourselves!! Empowered #Empaths practice active listening in a deep way because we are listening on all four levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All the time. That deep listening may slow our… Read More

Are you free? (Hint, hint, the answer is YES!!!!) Let me change the question though and see if it feels the same. Do you FEEL free?     If you are feeling bounced about by others’ actions, please pause for a moment. Yes your outside world may be spinning round a lot right now as… Read More

 Letting go of things? Easy. Letting go of people or situations? Hard. Or that is what we are told anyways. But what if letting go of a particular situation or person or way of being is in the highest good of all? What if, in the letting go of what was, you are making room for your… Read More

I wasn’t always called EagleSpirit. Not all the names I have been called have held such deep meaning, although they have been felt deeply. And today, on the 19th anniversary of being given my name, I need to tell you about a dirty secret about an earlier ‘naming ceremony’ that left me heartbroken. Do we… Read More

You can read all the spiritual books, but honey without practical application your personality is going to continue with the struggle for control. It fears being out of a job if it is no longer needed to plan and prepare and prevent anything ‘out of the ordinary’ to happen. But that’s where the magic lies,… Read More

I had to sit and write. I know you are feeling concerned about world events right now. I feel it with every fibre of my being. The thing is my friend, while it didn’t happen to us, it may feel like it. Some of my Empath and HSP clients have referred to their heightened sensitivities… Read More

What thoughts are you making firm in your mind right now? And how are they working for you? Want to create a solid foundation to move forward from? It is not about money, or romantic relationships or the right job. It is about creating right relationship with the one person who will be with you… Read More