What information are you taking in daily and how does it make you feel?

The trouble with normal is it always get worse. A nod to Bruce Cockburn and a shout out to every Sensitive Soul who can get overwhelmed anywhere the ‘news’ is presented. Heck even the grocery store checkout is enough to shock one’s system. Fear, violence and general ‘not niceness’ screams from the headlines and is… Read More


Could all of these energetic shifts you are experiencing as physical ailments, difficulty sleeping, unclear thinking, loss of interest in old goals that were once important actually be a sign of good things coming?  YES!!! What if the very thing that you have been afraid might make you ‘fall apart’ is the thing that helps… Read More


  “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right.” Henry Ford Crazy magical thinking, or did Mr. Ford know something important and share it with us all way before any of our new age spiritual gurus took centre stage? Let’s look at some more magical thinking that just make this Monday… Read More


We interrupt your regular schedule to encourage you to take a pause. A moment or two of reflection could do you a world of good. Let’s face it. You have come a a long way baby and we need to make note of it now because you have big things ahead of you and it… Read More


Looking back at it now, I can think of 3 reasons for pretending to be someone else and how it could be a valuable part of your spiritual journey. However, when a friend told me how she and her husband passed themselves off as Lord and Lady Muckety Muck on a recent holiday, and had the… Read More

EmpathWays Truths - stop the bullshit

I would have loved to have been wrong so many times. Even after I saw the red flags, I would still move ahead with a relationship, or a job, or a living situation. Yes, my Empath’s Inner Bullsh*t Meter worked fine usually, but I ignored when the actions were definitely speaking louder than words. And it… Read More


Super heroes often can fly and usually come with a cape. We know that because of the comic books and movies right? But we have real life superheroes around us all the time. People who go that extra distance. I just moved this week and was so grateful to several dear female friends who helped… Read More

I have had so many requests for regular videos about self-care for sensitive souls. Let’s co-create this together my fellow Empaths and HSPs. You are not alone and I have many tips and tools that can make your life so much easier (and none of them include the ‘just get a thick skin’ that many of… Read More