es sqt profileEagleSpirit, Soul Seer & Contemporary Shaman

Over the last 20 years, EagleSpirit has worked with clients, helping them relax their bodies, release limiting beliefs and radiate their most authentic selves. Her private Soul Journeys and sacred Spirit Quest Tours around the world support clients to love the lives they lead.

One of her favourite journeying spots is the southwest, as she has been coming here regularly since 1998. Well known for being able to help clients at a crossroad poised to make major life changes, her energetic work with the four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) draws from a variety of traditions and builds from her training and unique gifts. And now she is providing deep long lasting work activating the crystal body and pineal glands for  clients wishing to  manifest their deepest desires from a soul perspective!




Clint Frakes, Land Excursion Guide

Clint Frakes has guided over 10,000 pilgrims and visitors through Sedona, the Grand Canyon and the greater Southwest since becoming a guide in 1993. Over the past twenty years he has worked extensively in the Lakota Territory (Lower Brule) and throughout Indian country learning traditions, lore and culture of America’s indigenous people. He has had the uncommon privilege of participating closely in these sacred traditions and practices them in his daily life.

He is very talented on tailoring land excursions to a groups’s physical and metaphysical needs and his encyclopedic knowledge of the area will amaze you! Visit Clint’s website to learn more.




Duane Red Wolf Davis, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Frequency Artist

His psychic awakening after a near death experience at age 4 blessed Duane with powerful healing gifts.  A Sedona sensitive who works on several levels, acts as a catalyst for change for clients who visit with him. Duane’s empathic abilities allow him to merge on a quantum level with the time and place where you have manifested your desires and connect you there with your energetic blueprint  using Time Line Therapy. His personalized Sacred Soul Frequency Art pieces are created for individuals and keyed to their personal frequencies so that they may be  used as activators to help manifest your deepest desires from a soul perspective. Visit Duane’s website to learn more.



Lori Morrison, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Frequency Artist

Lori Morrison is a “concierge” to the spiritual world and a “soul intuitive” for those seeking connection and support in their life journeys. After a dramatic spiritual awakening she vigorously studied the application of sacred sciences, shamanic and alternative healing methods with many of the world’s most recognized spiritual teachers. Combining her skills as a coach, spiritual counsel or, healer and psychic intuitive she has built a successful practice located in Sedona where she works with clients from all over the world. Visit Lori’s website to learn more.



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