A unique southwest journey to help you fulfill your soul’s calling.

May 18-24, 2018 


You have heard the whisper ‘honour me’ and felt the body ache for an even richer experience of this lifetime. And now you are ready to go to the next level to confidently radiate your most Authentic Self in every area of your life!


  • Release limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Connect with vortex energies and balance your four energetic bodies.
  • Receive sacred energetic activations to unlock access to your inner wisdom  and understand your life’s path from a soul perspective.
  • Journey out onto the land to comfortably anchor these new powerful energetic shifts into your daily experience.
  • Clear energetic blocks to manifesting your purpose with practical tools and techniques.
  • Receive channelled information and guidance regarding your soul’s purpose.
  • Enjoy personal time for writing and reflection to ensure you return home feeling re-energized.
  • Relax your body. Release limiting beliefs. Radiate your most Authentic Self.


Coming to Sedona.

Coming home to you.


You can almost hear the sacred red rocks of Sedona calling to you, ‘we’ve been waiting to work our magic. It’s your turn now.’

Relax as the healing energies of Sedona help melt away any tensions you have been carrying. The natural beauty of this area, the rejuvenating calm and the magical vortex energies provide the most life-changing experiences imaginable. Sedona is spectacular and powerful.

Let go of any stress you have been carrying as you are pampered in luxury southwest accommodations complete with your own wellness team and csc-rrclinkimagepersonal chef!

Our retreat accomodations are tucked into the stunning red rocks close to walking trails with private outdoor reflection areas. Of course we are still close enough to town to get in for some retail therapy too.


I already know I need to be there. 

How do I save my spot? 

The May program is now officially SOLD OUT! Message us to be put on the waiting list for 2019 Soul Whispers program.

An easy to use Paypal link is right here for your convenient credit card payment, or contact us to arrange an alternate payment plan. We are happy to take email money transfers if that is easier for you.

I want to be there!

It sounds wonderful. Tell me more about the Spirit Quest Team.

We have the most wonderful team of professionals to share the secrets of Sedona with you and help you tap into your inner wisdom.

What can I expect during my week in Sedona?

Each day’s events pamper and prepare you to access your Soul Whispers and activate your higher vibration. The 2018 itinerary is being prepared now based on what you wish to experience in this magical area. Each program is tailored for the participants.

Reconnect with your Spiritual Warrior Self today

Activations anchor in the powerful energy of Sedona and beyond.

The natural beauty of this area, the rejuvenating calm and the magical vortex energies provide the most life-changing experiences imaginable.

Click here to watch a video of the area that will mesmerize you!


Wow! Tell me more about how this work helps me take my life to a whole new level.

We’d love to share more about the program which is being tailored for the group that gathers. Contact us now to chat more and be part of birthing another wonderful Soul Whispers in Sedona Spirit Quest Tour.


I need to be there.

How do I register? The May program is now officially SOLD OUT! Message us to be put on the waiting list for a Fall Chariots of Fire or Spring 2019 Soul Whispers program.

4 comments on “Spirit Quest Tour – Soul Whispers in Sedona – May 2018

    • Hi David! Thanks for your interest in this May’s amazing Spirit Quest Tour to Sedona. I have pm’d you with great news… there is no need to travel with a friend and there is only one Queen room left. Watch for the email and let me know if it is for you. Many blessings, EagleSpirit

  • Hi. .Do you have more/other things/”events” etc (like this or s-thing) out there/Sedona “in the future” etc!? (As I have since many years (ever since I heard of sedona in the 90’s thinking/felt drawn to and wouls like to s-time (in my life/time) ev want to go there!? (But not only it is far (from here/(sweden) But also I wouldn’t be able to save up (all) the/amount of $ til then/this/that time!? With Best Regards, Laila

    • Hi Laila! Thanks for your inquiry about the 2018 Soul Whispers in Sedona event. I do travel to the southwest with clients on private and small group tours regularly to do healing work as the energy is magical and inspiring. Please watch for the annual Soul Whispers in Sedona experiences that happen each May and email me at eaglespiritjourneys@gmail.com if you would like to discuss creating something special for you. Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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