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Talk Story Tuesdays is focusing on beauty this week and giving yourself another shot at positive self-talk. Why? Because I have heard your self-talk and it not as helpful as you might think. Being hard on yourself is not going to get you the peace you seek.

Here are a few helpful things to notice about your thinking process right now…

  • What messages do you give yourself? One client used to do her fitness routine with her iPod blaring tunes about how fat she was! How could that negative reinforcement motivate someone to feel better about themselves and make healthful choices?
  • How comfortable are you with compliments? Caught yourself refusing any type of positive feedback? Every compliment you dismiss diminishes the person who has generously shared positive words and is also takes you down a notch too. Your Inner Child, or Guitarist or Creative Crafty Self could use some positive strokes!
  • Get back in the game! Those old 8 track messages from your very distant pass still running in your mind? Zoom forward to 2015 and reprogram the messages you here. Focus on what is working in your life NOW. You are no longer in 4th grade and Miss Wooley’s unkind comments are no longer true about you. (ok I have to admit I just wrote that for my Inner 8 year old who felt terrorized in that classroom and has only come to like red nail polish on her toes in the last few years since taking her power back from the long haired, red-painted nail teacher who traumatized her. Nice to have you back on board sweetie!)
  • Look for the good stuff! Studies show you are thinking an average of 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day, so why not focus on the good stuff? The truth is there are lots of neat things going on and your Inner Cheerleader has been benched long enough!

Beauty is everywhere! EVERYWHERE! In those fresh scrubbed faces getting on the school bus in the early morning looking back longingly at you and hoping for encouragement. In the polyester padding of the girl in the drivethrough who smiles as she repeats the same ‘have a great day!’ that she has been saying to all the other drivers who have dropped by her small window on humanity. In that sink full of dishes precariously packed like the Leaning Tower of Pisa that will be left to its own devices until you return. Beauty is everywhere. So you know that means there is beauty in YOU too!


The problem is you may fail to see your beauty or that of the simple things around you because you are caught up in the grand gestures and may only take note of the light in the sunrise or sunset once in awhile if you get the chance.

So let’s zoom iFind Your Focus Take Another Shotn on 3 self-talk suggestions for today.

1. Before you say another nasty thing to or about yourself, take a breath. Remember your thoughts are creating your reality and you are a powerful co-creator with Spirit. What do you want more of today?

2. Take another shot at saying something nice. Make it positive.

3. Feel the yummy vibes from the kind words you are offering to yourself or another. Eventually you will notice that there is a heck of a lot of good going on and won’t feel so pulled about by the competing negative messages from the media that are trying to scare you into taking step you would never agree to if you were in, what the Course in Miracles calls your “right mind.”


Today’s Talk Story Tuesdays challenge:

Ready? Let’s get a ‘Feel Good’ vibe going. Go to the comments section below and complete this phrase. And let me know how it feels to take some great Self-Talk shots! Easy to focus in or a bit of a challenge today?

Three things I really love about myself are __________________________.



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6 comments on “You sure you want to take that shot?

  • Hey, I think I may have taken one of those shots!
    My hair, my eyes, my smile for physical. My impishness, my queenliness, and my wonder for emotional.

    • Yes great job on the beach shot. Was the perfect beginning for a fun photo quote Kathy. And yay you for celebrating the joy of being Kathy!

  • First, I want to say that I appreciate you sooo much. Just yesterday, and well for many days, I have been thinking about how prone people are to the negative. To gossip and talking about all that is wrong in their life. How we seem to focus to the negative aspects of our own lives and the world around us vs all the goodness that surrounds us all the time.
    Then I come on fb and I see this post of yours. It so resonates with me and my journey. I am so grateful to have a friend like you – who always looks for the positives and speaks the positives. Who lives the positives. I am trying to do likewise and hearing your words helps me to know that others are feeling the same way XO.
    I find I am often times having a good day, a day of great joy and happiness, of wonder and feel very connected to Spirit. Then somone shows up and all they want to talk about are problems – personal and to gossip about other people that I do not even know and really do not want to hear all this negative crap. How do I shut that down in a nice way? I struggle with that. How do I turn the people who come around me with this negative crap – around – and get them to focus rather on all the positives? By changing the conversation? I have tried that – it works for a min or two – and then they are right back to being negative again 🙁
    I love you ES…..Thank you for all the positive you spread into the world on a daily basis XO

    • Great question Bonnie. How do we turn off the negative stuff “out there?” Here is one secret I have found. We may not be able to turn it off as everyone are off on different journeys. Instead what I know is possible is to turn down the sound by being aware of what and who I surround myself with and I do regular self-care so that if I get involved in a ‘cranky pants’ type conversation, I don’t end up absorbing that negativity. Two little shifts that make a HUGE difference in my every day experience. Give it a go and let me know k?

      Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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