Just read news of Sinéad O’Connors’ purported suicide FB note and felt that perhaps we need to send love. That’s what inspired today’s post. As the festive season comes closer there will be more energetic requests for love. They may be directly spoken or indirectly expressed as energetic hooks.
The discerning Empowered Empath who honours his/her call to service may feel overwhelmed by the apparent global aching heart until they pract11246480_620035108136109_1404676776664745695_nice discernment. With the ability to check what one is to do or to step away from doing then the acts of love and kindness and compassion are done without attachment and with faith that the person or situation will use that healing energy in the very best way for the highest good of all.
Thus the moment you get an energetic request you choose whether to accept it and act on it and things can become rather magical as you are actively co-creating with Spirit. And you do it from a place of love rather than seeing it as a burden. You feel that deep connection to everyone and everything in your world.
This practice of discernment is key to Empath 101 and we go into great detail with it during the program, but let’s do a quick shortcut here that anyone can use.
Checking And Discernment Shortcut
You may not know how to get your ‘yes’es’ and ‘no’s’ or ask clear questions on how to get answers about things that are big decision11873543_614004912072462_7923663697594777137_ns right now, but you still have your gut instinct. And I am not talking about those ‘woulda/shoulda’/coulda” type feelings or thoughts. I am talking about how you feel deep down inside.
To get to that place of connection and knowing you need to get grounded. You need to get quiet. And you need to get clear. Use whatever technique works for you. Meditation. Prayer. Visualization. Physical activity. Time in Nature. Use whatever works best for you. And then, once you have a quiet mind, ask yourself ‘where could I send love at this time?’ Be open to what you hear.
Listen to where you feel called to send it my sensitive soul friends.
Perhaps it is to Sinéad or to someone you know who is feeling alone and desperate.
Send it to places, to people, to the earth and all the elements.
Send it to the animals.
Listen within and send it to yourself as well.
Sunday is coming to a close and with a full and peaceful heart the love will fill you up and overflow to wherever it is needed. Now is a good time to listen and send love.
Many blessings, EagleSpirit
ES promo shot sedonaEagleSpirit, a Contemporary Shaman, has worked for over 20 years to help clients relax their bodies, release limiting beliefs and radiate their most authentic selves.
As the creator of Empath 101 Empowerment program she speaks to groups internationally, facilitates the month-long course that has changed lives and is often featured in the media for her grounded approach to spirituality.
Visit here for more details about Empath 101 and contact us if you would like to sponsor the program in your area. Email to find our about personalized Soul Journeys or private sessions. You deserve to feel Soul Good!

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