“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.” 


The relationship between all four energetic bodies is fluid.  Today’s message connects how our feelings and thoughts create energetic shifts in our bodies.

Let’s look at the interplay between the emotional body that we have been focusing on this week and our mental body that we will be looking at more deeply next week.  This relationship is very important as you become a skilled Empath.

Remember in class I spoke of how we first receive information in our spiritual fields and can choose to take action immediately.  However, if we do not pay attention to the cues there, the energetic signals filter down in the mental body next, then the emotional body and finally the physical body.

As you understand the energetic cues from your emotional body, you are better able to communicate to yourself and others what you are needing in that moment.  After all, while you are an Empath, chances are that others around you are not.  They will not somehow automatically pick up what is going on in your fields the way you do when you energetically merge with another.   If you do not clearly express your needs and desires it will be very difficult to get them met in a healthy way.  And if you choose to ignore the energetic cues from the emotional body, then they will filter down into the physical body.  From a metaphysical perspective, this is how disease is created.  Our dis-ease, those ignored energetic cues, eventually resides in the physical.

You have shown great courage in learning to connect with your physical and emotional bodies – to really communicate authentically with your Self.  So many choose to live on autopilot and often miss the rich textures of their everyday life.  A balance is missing with that approach.

Now it is time to express yourself honestly and openly with others.  Imagine how empowering it can be to name the emotion in your field and ask for what you need!

Today’s exercise is inspired by a conscious communication technique I learned while studying at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.   It will act as a wonderful bridge between the emotional and mental bodies.  It helps you to name what you are feeling in a non-threatening way.  As well, once you have been able to name what you are feeling and what thoughts you are holding that created the feeling, you can ask for what you need.

The initial framework looks like this.


_____ (name of the person) I am feeling _____ (whatever you are experiencing in your emotional field), when you ____ (the action/non-action that you observe) because I imagine that _____ (the story about the action/non-action that creates the emotion).

What I need from you is _____ (the action you are requesting).


Please notice that in this framework, you are owning your feeling about the situation and the perception you have.  There is no judgmental language used.  This type of conscious communication strategy makes it easier for the other person to hear what you are saying.

A sample communication looks like this…

Bob, I am feeling frustrated when you don’t do the house repairs you have promised to do because I imagine that you don’t appreciate or respect me as your tenant.  What I need from you is to come this week to visit your property and meet with me to discuss the household repairs that are required.

Ready to see how this will work well for you as an Empath?


Exercise – Day Five

Today’s assignment is to do a quick emotional body scan to see what emotions you are experiencing.  First check to make sure the emotion is yours.  When you find one that is yours, please find out where it is coming from (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body) and then what it is trying to tell you. 

For example perhaps you are feeling sadness and it is actually coming from your physical body, which is trying to get a message to you that you really need to slow down.  You may wish to say to your partner or friend that you need some help with a task. 

When you use the technique, notice how you feel using this approach and what kind of response you get from the person you are speaking with. 

Were you able to clearly communicate how you were feeling?  Was the person able to hear you and respond in a more meaningful way? 

Did you feel more validated and how did you get your needs met?


You may find something that you will be able to use this communication technique with right away today.  If not, watch for an opportunity to try it out this weekend.  It really is a great bridging exercise as we gently shift our focus to the mental energetic body next week.


Affirmation- Day Five

My increased self-awareness helps me communicate more clearly.  I lovingly ask for what I need and life lovingly responds. I am now willing to express my true feelings in a conscious way and I trust that I am divinely taken care of.



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