“Talks to dead people” is awkward on a resume. I mean where do you put that? Special skills? Work experience.?Interests?  The further I journey on my path the farther away I seem to move from ever getting back in a navy blue suit, so perhaps the question is of idle interest really. But teatimes and client work often highlights the importance of being able to make that connection between worlds. It can bring calm. It can bring peace. And it can bring answers. Frankly though, makingimages that connection may simply stir up more questions that seem impossible for most to  sit with, let alone welcome the answer to.  And so I say let go. Let go and let God/dess.

Let go of the mind’s wanderings and the ceaseless wondering to be here now. The irony of it all is that in the quiet moments the answers come.  

Perhaps that is why so many keep so busy. I know that is why I have done it.  In fact, I was chatting with a friend just yesterday sharing news about some of the new  wellness events I’ve been invited to in the Maritimes and I caught myself.  I caught myself filling my calendar. And that would fly in the face of the huge slow down message I got from the November 2014 car accident.  An accident that has slowed me down greatly and brought me supremely into the present moment. Trying to reach back in time proves frustrating and projecting forward is overwhelming as I am feeling, like many of you, that we are in a huge time of transition.

let go of the wheelIn fact, some are experiencing a huge upheaval in personal relationships and even professional environments. And if these ‘challenges’ are not a loud enough message  to let go of the wheel and co-create with Spirit, the messages get even louder until we do pay attention. I say let’s learn gentle and easy as often as you can, don’t you?

And let’s not forget the other major transition that is swept under the rug or talked about in hushed tones. Anyone else notice the rash of celebrity deaths so far in 2016, or had a number of loved ones pass?  For those whose earth school studies are complete they are physically leaving now and seemingly in droves!

In any of these life changing situations you are experiencing directly or feeling impacted by, it is helpful to give yourself permission to feel your feelings and then allow them to pass.  It is also helpful to remember that we are in this together.  Large ‘tragedies’ like terrorist acts and natural disasters call us to remember our humanity, but let’s not save our compassion for solely/soul-ly these times. And frankly let’s not save our compassion for only others. We need to be gentle with ourselves. 

We must practice radical self-care and compassion now. Especially those of us who are sensitive as we can feel wounded by what we see around us.

The whole focus of the Empath 101 program I created and have been delivering around the world is about learning over 20 different tips and tools that focus on self-care on all four levels ~ Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Without good self-care it is impossible to avoid burnout. And if we burnout, we cannot be of service to those we have felt called to help. But when we are balanced and in our power we have the courage and strength to stand up for ourselves and others so that we can create positive change in our world.

One courageous lady I met, quite by ‘accident’ reminded me of this.  Empaths often have that ‘tell me your life story’ written on our forehead it seems and this day on the Hawaiian bus headed from Lawai to Lihue  was no different.

The young child clutched to her Mother and delighted in playing peek-a-boo while we talked story on the bus that morning. She was returning to court. Again. Fighting to keep her children safe from an abusive partner. Even though her heart was filled with Aloha she asked me why people mistreat us sensitive souls so. (She related that her partner had told her he had picked her because he knew she would not fight back. She was fighting back now to keep her family safe.) We talked about victim consciousness and the importance of LOVING THE SELF enough, the way we love our ohana and friends, to break unhealthy patterns. A beautiful, brief encounter where we could be present with each other and honour our journeys.

empoweredsoulsAnd so today’s blog ends with prayers so that we may move forward in this challenging time feeling empowered rather than overwhelmed. Not only will it be good for you, but it will bless all those you connect with on the physical and etheric.

When you are ready and receptive, relax and allow the energy of today’s prayer to wash over you.

Sending prayers and aloha to that lady and her family and to each of us who have chosen 2016 to break unhealthy relationship patterns… with people, with food, with money, with authority … whatever it is. This is the year to delight in being ourselves and let go of those old stories we have carried. It is time to let go. 

Sending prayers out to clear energies that no longer serve us so that we may move forward on our souls’ journeys with grace and love and peace. It is with love that we let go.

Sending prayers out to Mother Earth as she lovingly supports our humanity which is slowly awakening to the truth that we are all connected and that we can not harm people or places without harming ourselves. It is with respect that we let go.

Sending prayers out across time and space  as we do this sacred dance of convergence. In letting go, we are open to receive. We are willing to journey as spiritual beings having a physical experience and trust that we can take our place in the web of life.

As we have let go we take a deep breath in to nourish and nurture ourselves.  And we continue to breathe deeply, staying open and receptive to these closing thoughts.

May we all be happy,

May we all be peaceful.

May we all be free.


ES promo shot sedonaEagleSpirit, a Contemporary Shaman, has worked for over 20 years to help clients relax their bodies, release limiting beliefs and radiate their most authentic selves.
As the creator of Empath 101 Empowerment program she speaks to groups internationally, facilitates the month-long course that has changed lives and is often featured in the media for her grounded approach to spirituality.
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