“You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.”

                                                                         Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Sometimes the only way to have hope in a scary and dangerous situation is to find a connection to the sacred. But does connecting to the divine only happen best in times of perceived catastrophes or could we do it more easily?

I have to be honest and say that images-2without my own cancer scare years ago, I never would have gotten to my knees and surrendered to the power of prayer. Before that, I had always relied on my intellect and instinct. Having been shamed about my spiritual gifts as a child and trained to disassociate from the inner guidance that was always trying to lead me back to a place of peace, I had little left to rely on but my mind.  

But sometimes it is our minds that have created the troubles we find ourselves in and if we are going to move ahead we might need to get on our knees first.. or at least get quiet.

After all, how can we expect only our minds to get us out of the troubles we have created?

Now for those of you with a deeper faith, that is where you might jump in and say Spirit had never left me, I had left it. And you would be right.  I needed to find a personal connection to Spirit and my illness gave me that. For that I am grateful now. And it is also why I continue my commitment to service made in the mid 90s… that whole deal with God I told you about before, where I said, “Not mine but thy will. If you let me live, I will be of service for the rest of my life.”

In fact, you could say that it was that first humble and desperate prayer that brought me to Sedona again last week. After all, I am alive and so that means to honour my word, I choose to remain of service. Helping others connect to their Soul Whispers so that they too can feel connected and more easily follow their souls’ paths is my work. Thus our time in the red rocks was a sacred journey for us all.

There are holy places all over the earth. Some have four walls and are adorned with religious symbols, and others are found where you come into alignment with your soul activated  by presence and attention combined with the powerful energies of Mother Earth. And then there are spots where inner and outer sanctuaries combine. Sedona has been one such place for many over thousands of years.

Once a sacred stop on ancient trade routes and hunting grounds with healing properties, in the 70s it became a spot where New Age folks flocked to connect with vortex energies and commune with Star People. It has also become a memorable spot for many faiths with over 45 different places of worship available if perching on a rock by the water isn’t your cup of tea.

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, Sedona, Arizona

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, Sedona, Arizona

I have been travelling to Sedona regularly since my first visit on my six month Journey of the Heart in 1998. Each and every time I go I learn more about myself and what this sacred land can teach. During last week’s powerful journey, I was deeply moved by our visit to the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park that was led by Clint Frakes. It was the first time I had been to this site where a number of my group were visibly moved as they walked round the Stupa quietly saying prayers. I knew there was more there for me to embrace and so the day after the group left I returned once again and received a profound message.

The warm wind caressed the tears that ran down my face as I walked more slowly up the rocky hill and stopped to read the prayers posted on the prayer flags that were hung on trees lining the route. I had only seen the one word prayers for peace and compassion and hope the first time I went. I had no idea that individual and very personal prayers were also left there along with the offerings of crystals and jewellery and gifts hanging in special spots.  And it was the personal prayers for courage to overcome illness, to find one’s voice and to apologize for wrong doings that found me weeping. The prayers were personal, but they were shared courageously. Many resonated with me as I was returning again to add mine with theirs to be carried out on the winds.

As I got up to the Stupa I set my intention and then slowly began to place one foot in front of the other softly saying prayers.

Prayers for a friend with a recent Cancer diagnosis.

Prayers for myself to be strong and honour her wishes.

Prayers for the group that had just left our magical Soul Whispers in Sedona week to continue to listen and honour their paths.

Prayers for all those around the world who are hurting or who are seeking guidance.

All of those prayers gathered in each step round the Stupa as the sun was slowly sinking in the sky. Tears streamed down my face because I felt the power of that magical place  open to receive and amplify the hope and prayers that so many who have made the short trek up the red rocks have carried in their hearts. It was this sense of unity and oneness that brought peace to my heart.

We are journeying this path together after all and while when one hurts we all hurt, when one prays we are connected heart to heart once again.  And that is when I heard the message I needed… ‘No prayer is ever wasted.’

Your prayers count.

Make your prayers count. Speak what’s on your heart.


Could prayer be the answer to most situations? YES!

When we feel powerless, there is prayer. We see this regularly when there are disasters like the recent fires in Fort McMurray.

When we feel in alignment, there is prayer. In fact, the more conscious and prayerful we become, the easier it is to ‘feel soul good’ and  live from a soul perspective.

When we honour our soul’s path, the choices we make become prayers in action. And that is a beautiful energy to contribute in this world. No prayer is ever wasted. It will find its way, even when we can not see it in action. Have faith and journey on, one step at a time.


Today’s Invitation

If there is a person or situation that is weighing heavy on your heart right now, I want you to pray for the very best outcome, whatever that may look like.  Without attachment. (Shakti Gawain’s phrase, ‘This or something better for the highest good of all,’ has always been a helpful one for me to let go of my personal need to control a situation. You might wish to add that to the end of your prayer.)

Then, let your prayer go trusting that it has been heard and will be answered. Relax into that knowing.  Watch for any call to action. Provided you know that the call is from Spirit and not your personality trying to rush an outcome or interfere in someone’s journey, have faith and move forward to answer the request.  Sometimes we are the ones who are able to answer our own prayers or those of others by the actions we take. Allowing yourself to be used as an instrument of the Divine is a wonderful thing for yourself and for those you serve.


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