10847951_511597818979839_4217751331305703558_nDoes your mind really control the flow of good in your life? YES! You have the power to create a life you love… or even more profoundly to love the life you have created even before it looks like the way you wish it would.

That power to create your life as a beautiful work of art is rooted deeply in your mind.  I am not talking about the past life connection and subconscious thinking just yet, let’s big brush it for the moment to see how your mind can actually be the key to more abundance in your life. Ready?


Three Tips to Co-creating Your Good


1. Train the Monkey Mind that goes bouncing about from lack thought to fear and back faster than a Star Wars fan lines up in advance of the latest movie or product release. Instead, when you have a moment… meditate.

Abundance consciousness is more about what is going on in your mind and heart than what is happening in your bank account or what is sitting in your driveway. It’s time to set the monkeys free my friend and get ready to focus on your good.

It reminds me of that old joke about meditating. If you are busy, be sure to meditate for 20 minutes each day. If you are super busy, you better make it an hour!

1469836_347746382031651_1939163544_nThe problem is that when most of us get busy we rarely stop for self-care moments that can include meditation, slow eating, exercise and rest. We just keep speeding along. And sometimes it feels like we are spinning our wheels as we are trying to go even faster to make up for lost time.

I’ll always remember one particular yoga class many years ago where my teacher was taking us through a beautiful guided meditation. There I was on my mat. Cross legged. Eyes closed. Doing the meditation. Or so I thought. But I realized my Type A personality was really trying to get onto the next activity. So when we were guided to think of a particular quality that we wanted to let go of impatience popped right into my mind. I visualized the word like she said. I put it in a beautiful multicoloured hot air balloon like she said. And with every breath, every exhalation, I saw it floating away on the winds like she said. Ok, except for one thing. That sucker was moving really speedily, just like my mind and so I was done the guided meditation in moments. Clear evidence that I was neither meditating nor in the moment. And if I can be more mindful now, so can you with practice.


2. Explore new thoughts and avenues with curiosity and hope, rather than looking at 101 reasons that is safer just to paint with a few colours in your palette rather than living life in technicolour. Stop worst case scenario-ing things and use your imagination to think about what the very best outcome could be and create from that place.

Your thoughts need to be soul food, not junk food, in order to get your Mental Energetic Body to be creating more beautiful experiences.

They say that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different result. Stop scaring yourself small and start stretching your boundaries and embracing your power.

Feeling that is difficult to do? Get support to open to your natural blueprint for prosperity and abundance.  It could be that your fear goes beyond this lifetime and you are dealing with an energetic hook. If so, contact me to do soul retrieval work so that you can get to the bottom of the repeating defeating pattern. You can get back in alignment with your good and get back on track with YOUR soul’s path.


3. Watch your language.  We know our minds are always working, Scientists say on average we think 60,000 to 70,00 thoughts a day. so let’s use this wonderful, free tool that we have to achieve our personal goal of having a wealth of health and abundance in every area of our life.

The words and thoughts we hold are making ideas firm in our mind. Hence the term, affirmation. You can bet that folks like Oprah speak differently about the challenges they face each day, not because their problems are easier, but because they speak about moving through them rather than getting blockaded. They are creating with the language they use. You can do that too!


You are the only one who thinks in your mind and if you are wanting to create more good in your life, then it is time to be mindful of your language and what you are speaking into your reality.

Here is a short guided visualization to help you identify what new messages you may want to incorporate into your language.


images-2Creating Your Good Guided Visualization

Allow yourself to get to a quiet and relaxed place. When you are feeling calm and peaceful prepare to visit 4 key aspects of your life. (For the purpose of this exercise we will use: health, relationships, work and family.)

Choose one area to focus on and notice what comes forward to your attention. Perhaps there is an area you are worrying about… a health issue you are experiencing, a romantic relationship that may be pulling at your heart (either past or present), trouble with your coworkers or desire for a new job, or perhaps you are not feeling at peace with a family member or are worried about someone in your family or community.

Choose one of these areas to focus on and then bring your awareness back to the room. In this quiet and reflective space, please listen to your heart and create a one sentence affirmation that would help move your worrying, your negative affirming to a more peaceful, positive thought about the situation.

Write that down on a piece of paper and take a breath to relax even further as you tap into your creative power.


Congratulations! You have just created your first affirmation and can add it to your day in a number of ways such as writing it out regularly in your daily journal, recording an affirmation message on your phone that you can play when stress thoughts start to take over and placing that affirmation and intention for abundance and prosperity on your altar or in a space where you meditate daily so that you see it whenever you are there.

Interested in learning how to make your affirmations work more quickly and easily and want to fbe the first to learn a special 14 point abundance program that the guides gave me when I was in Santa Fe recently? Watch for a new abundance program that will help you unlock your blocks to prosperity in 2016.


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