“We are all angels, who only have one wing. 

All angels, searching for each other. 

All angels, who cannot reach the sky.  Cause we need each other to fly.”

                                                                        Karen Drucker, lyrics from “We Are All Angels”


Perhaps you have heard the phrase we are spiritual beings having physical experiences.  During the Sunday intensive, I introduced empathic abilities as being a spiritual gift.  How wonderful that you have chosen to embrace these abilities, as they will definitely support you in your quest to fulfill your life purpose!

The personal lessons you have come to learn are gained through the skills and abilities you use, as well as the choices you make each day.  When God/Spirit/Universe is trying to get your attention to assist you on this journey, it first goes to your spiritual energetic body.  If you do not connect with the energetic cue there, then the cues move into the mental body and you may find that thoughts begin to repeat over and over to get your attention.  If you do not respond to your wisdom there, then it filters down to your emotional body.  If you are disconnected from the energetic cues there, then eventually the physical body creates disharmony or dis-ease to get your attention.

For some of you, the energetic cues may be easiest to notice in the emotional or physical field rather than out in the spiritual energetic body. Of course the challenge for the Empath is to pay attention to the energetic cues, discern if they are yours and then take the appropriate action.  If you don’t have a double checker handy and are sensing that you may not be 100% non-attached to something you are checking, I have been sharing helpful Checking Tips on our group page.

Another neat question you can add is, “Is this coming from the light,” when you get a message rather than just  a simple yes/no answer like what we have been working with.  In asking the question, “Is this coming from the Light?,” what you are connecting with is God/Spirit/Universe, however you perceive a higher power or spiritual source.  For those whose spirituality has a definite Christian leaning, you may even want to add Christ into the question, for example, “Is this coming from the Christ Light?”

As we focus on the spiritual energetic body this week, it will be a great opportunity to deepen you connection to your own personal concept of spirituality.  The peace you are able to connect to on this level can filter down into all of your four energetic bodies.


Exercise – Day One

Today’s exercise is about creating an inner sanctuary where you can feel more connected to your guides and angels and higher power.  This visualization will take 5 to 10 minutes maximum and is a great way to start your day standing in your power.  As well you could use this before entering a difficult meeting or heading out to partake in any gatherings or even shopping where you can sometimes feel overwhelmed.  Enjoy!


Allow yourself to quiet your mind and body.  Scan your four energetic bodies and allow your breath to carry peace to each of them.  Relax your body, release any limiting thoughts that are creating tension and allow the feeling of peace to radiate through you.

As you sit in silence, allow your mind to gently move to create your own sacred inner sanctuary.  Notice the colours, the textures of the walls and furnishings.  Is your sanctuary a room?  Is your sanctuary a garden perhaps?  You have the freedom to create the perfect retreat for your spirit now. 

As you relax in your inner sanctuary, call to you a spiritual presence that you feel comfortable working with.  Perhaps it is an angel, or guide or your higher power. The spiritual being radiates pure love and you feel comfortable and safe.  Allow yourself to give any worry or concern to the spiritual being that you have drawn to your inner sanctuary.  Ask for help with any issue you wish, trusting that your request will be answered in a way that is in the highest good for all.

Thank the spiritual being when you are finished communicating.  Breathe the love that you have received from this wise being into all four energetic bodies.  You may wish to visualize a beautiful pink ray of light that pulses with the love filling each body. 

When you feel full and complete, gently return from your inner sanctuary back into your physical world.  Feel the sense of calm, peace and inner power move with you and through your fields as you go through your day.  At any time, when you are feeling overwhelmed, tired or stressed, take a few moments to reconnect with the inner sanctuary you have created.  It will always be there for you when you need it.


Affirmation- Day Five

I delight in being a spiritual being having a physical experience.  When I connect to my most authentic Self, I honour God.  I am divinely taken care of and all is well.

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