Making your “home” your sanctuary

Everything has layers. Everything. Layers of sound and colour and light leave energetic imprints. So why wouldn’t a house call for more of what it enjoys most? Especially a house from the 1860s that has seen a great deal of history for its family and those who have come to the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

One month ago I was ‘called’ here. For those of you from away, Nova Scotia is a beautiful Atlantic province that is rich in history and remains vibrant today. And for those of you who don’t know me, journeying is part of my commitment to living a Spirit-led life. Travelling round this area, you will see influences from the Mik’maq and the many European settlers who have created what we now know as Canada.There is something hauntingly beautiful here that keeps you coming back.


But for me it wasn’t just the area that I began falling in love with in August, it was this house that called me so strongly. Wiithin 2 weeks of seeing it I was all moved in!! A great location by Crescent Beach that was rather particular about who could be its current caretaker.

Perhaps it is allowing me to call it home for this year because I listen. Deeply.

For the first two weeks I could barely leave the area that held me tight in it’s loving arms. Seriously! And as I slowed down and stayed put unusual things started to happen. So much so that I was starting to get curious (always a much better choice than getting frightened!)

I knew I didn’t have intruders, but no matter how secure I made the house, the outside door to the stone cellar (one with inside and outside locks by the way) stood wide open and stretching as if to say good morning many times as the dogs and I would walk down the drive to head over to the white sandy beach. What the heck?!!!veil is thin - believe

Of course why would this property be any different from wherever I go? In an area that was once the capital of New France long before it was Canada, why wouldn’t I expect to have ‘visitors.’ Especially at this time when the veil between worlds seems very very thin. Eventually I thought it best to introduce myself and get to the bottom of this mystery.

I stood by the painted wooden door and asked what this was all about. Immediately I felt the presence of a man. Gentle enough but quite concerned. ‘Why wasn’t the wood in yet? Didn’t I know about the seasonal care necessary to survive comfortably here?’ I assured him the wood was ordered and everything would be put in order.  Now the door remains shut more consistently. It has become a source of conversation with clients who come for private sessions… all of them trying to figure out a ‘rational’ explanation for this energetic encounter on the property. Dare I tell them about the decorating? (Yes the house is giving me tasks!)

For years my colour preferences have been red, gold and green. The house will have none of it! Open kitchen cupboards are a deep blue and the walls are a sunny yellow. I have had to say goodbye to the few belongings I brought since the bedroom wants to be blue. So much so that the vision I was shown one evening.. right down to the turquoise duvet and soft fuzzy deep blue sheets appeared the very next day when I was out shopping! You can bet I purchased the items.

But wait, it gets even better.

One day this week I attracted two comfortable orange wing chairs for in front of the living room fireplace that I imagine we will always gather at in the cool evenings as the snow begins to fly. Sure that is unusual enough – the colour, the 2 different sources miles apart, both of them being gifted to me and the fact that they match beautifully, but what is really wild comes next!

When I spoke with the grandson of the last generation who called this home, tears filled his sea blue eyes. He quietly smiled and said his grandparents had orange wingback chairs… in front of the fireplace!  This man who has rarely said more than a few words to me further revealed that the gentleman that wanted the wood in was his great great uncle who was very particular and organized about things and yes could very well be the owner of the ‘ghost cat’ that I saw walk from the dining room and disappear into the kitchen a week and a half ago!

Clearly I am not the only one who has experienced the magic of this property! Maybe it is simply taken in stride here on the South Shore. There are many more stories to share about this house and others that have hosted me and my guests on magical energetic adventures that I lead as a Contemporary Shaman.  In fact, you will never guess what Spirit is wanting me to create next for those who will be drawn here too! (Wow it kind of echoes ‘Field of Dreams’ don’t you think?) Ah but those are stories for another time.

imagesWhat is most interesting I think is how houses are often representative of the body in metaphysical teachings and what that can mean for us today. Much like this chatty house, our bodies will reveal their preferences if we listen well. When we nurture and nourish ourselves, our ‘homes’ become our sanctuaries.

According to Rumer Godden “there is an Indian proverb or axiom that says that everyone is a house with four rooms, a physical, a mental, an emotional, and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but, unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person.”

This idea of four energetic “rooms” compliments the teaching I share about the four energetic bodies the sensitive soul must balance to feel empowered enough to create a life they love.

Often we favour, or visit, one over the other, imagining that it is more valuable. But each part of you is important and deserves care and attention. Don’t wait for a “dead person” outside of you to deliver the message. Start nourishing and nurturing yourself now!

Reflection Question: How comfortable are you in each of the rooms of your life? Is there one you choose to spend most of your time inhabiting?

Share your comments about where you spend your time down below.

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2 comments on “Dead People Doing My Decorating

  • Wow….love the story 🙂 How very cool. I tend to live the physical part of my body but always to be connected to Spirit at the same time. I find I feel happiest when I am centered in Spirit and can then attend to the rest of the rooms within me. If I am feeling down, empty etc., then I find that it is because I have not saught to be close with Spirit. Once I seek that connection, I find everything else just feels sooo much better XO

    • Wow great insights Bonnie! Living as a spiritual being having a physical experience really does make things “soooo much better!” I totally agree with you.

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