We want to help you celebrate your holiday season and deepen into the joy of thriving as a sensitive soul! Each morning a new door will open  to help you savour the day and honour your sensitivities. Imagine opening a daily treat from now until December 25th that has been created just for you!



empath-advent-1Often we get caught up in a swirl of emotions at the holidays and without practicing discernment we forget that what we are experiencing may not be ours. Our minds can be quick to tell stories about why we could feel sad or could feel stressed, but is it really true?

Have you every noticed how your energy levels change as you walk into a mall once the holiday shopping starts? You can be well prepared when you arrive and keen to find the perfect present for your office mate as Secret Santa is a chance to do something nice for another without feeling drawn into the spotlight, but when you arrive you are suddenly stressed or tired?

Getting accurate feedback from your feelings, on the physical and emotional levels, takes a few moments to do, but could save a meltdown at the mall.

Empathways eeb1

* Today’s affirmation comes from the Empathways ~ Affirmations for Sensitive Soul series. Get your personal set for your altar or to give as a gift at our gift shop.

Holiday Tip: When your physical or emotional energy changes suddenly, chances are you have done an unconscious energetic merge. Take a few moments to ground your energy and clear your fields.

I am sharing the clearing prayer for you to have handy with you on your phone or print it off and keep it with you.  You want to be able to connect to YOUR feelings so that you can enjoy December no matter how you choose to honour the holidays.

Many blessings, EagleSpirit


6 comments on “December 1 ~ Feeling into a situation

    • You are most welcome Joanne. As an Empath 101 Grad I know you know the value of embracing our sensitivities and having a community of support. This feels like a lovely way to support each other as the holiday celebrations go on. Not everyone enjoys the rush rush that some seem to thrive on. Many blessings, EagleSpirit

    • Thanks Sue!
      Sensitive souls can get very overwhelmed in locations with lots of people. What do you do to take care of yourself when you head to the mall?

      The Empath 101 program I teach is an Empowerment Training where I share over 20 different tips and tools so that we can feel solid and safe wherever we are. Imagine being in a lovely group of 8-10 people who feel just like you!! (And then being able to come home from being out without feeling like an energetic sponge!!) Looking forward to the new release of a self-study Empath 101 program in 2017 available for those who can’t make the original program.

      And in the meantime, I do hope you enjoy my free Deepen Into December Advent calendar. May you have a peaceful and relaxed holiday season.

      Many blessings, EagleSpirit

  • Quiet, contemplative wisdom for the holiday season – wonderful! I look forward to the rest of the month……

    • Thanks Kathy. Holidays can be so busy and us sensitive souls thrive best with some extra self-care and quiet contemplation, don’t you find? Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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