One thing that Empaths and Introverts often do, is show up… without showing up… at social occasions out of a sense of duty. Stop it! Let’s give 2018 the send off it deserves without draining your energy or encouraging you to simply stay home in your flannel jammies till January!

Leaving your body is one way to temporarily feel ‘safe’ when in social situations, however, it is not the best longterm strategy. If YOU are not showing up for you then holiday parties or family gatherings could end up being disasters! .

Being able to be fully present on all four energetic levels allows you to engage any situation with a clear sense of where you need to be and wempath-advent-16hat you need to be doing. You will know whose anxiety you are feeling or what would re-energize you best. Yummy right?

Here are 6 of my favourite tips for not only surviving social get togethers without the aid of Facebook or a modem. This holiday season you are going to THRIVE!


Today’s 7 Favourite Holiday Tips for Sensitive Socializing:

 1. Bigger doesn’t mean better: Choose your gatherings wisely. One more way to show up for yourself and for those you are speaking with is to skip on the large office parties and go out for a beverage to really catch up and cheer each other on. The more intimate the numbers, the easier it is to be present. Sensitive souls want deep conversations, not yelling over music or juggling a tray of treats with room after room of relatives waiting to tell their stories. And you know there are going to be stories because we have that ‘tell me your life story’ tattoo on our foreheads right?


2. Bring your own car:  Part of the stress of gatherings is not being able to leave when the overwhelm hits. You will feel far more comfortable if you can come and go without having to wait on someone else.


3. Watch the ‘holiday cheer’: Sensitive souls often use self-medicating to block the energetic overwhelm, but if alcohol is your ‘go to strategy’, did you know what it actually does to your energetic fields? Alcohol and drugs poke holes in your aura/energetic fields and leave you even more open to lower vibrations. So sad stories become sadder. Aunt Edna’s health concerns come home with you to deal with. And you are temporarily less present to what is going on for you.

Have a glass in your hand filled with sparking juice and skip the alcohol. You will look just as festive, but you will feel so much better!!


4. Notice what you nibble on: If you are craving sweets, and you know that is a physical energetic cue for you that you are getting stressed, then pay attention. Build some extra relaxation and healthy nutrition into your week so that you can enjoy a treat while out if that is what is in harmony with you at the time. This is a great way to stay well in December!


5. Find the quiet space to connect:  There will always be a quieter spot to connect. Get your little tray of treats and take a load off. This is not socializing Bingo. You don’t need to work the whole place my friend. It is about connecting. And if you get to a house party that is starting to feel overwhelming.. go greet the dog or cat. Petting an animal (or even offering to walk it) is a great way to become present again if you have been tempted to leave your body.


images-76. Host your own holiday gathering:  Our homes are our sanctuary when we are sensitive. Invite those friends and family into the peace and love that you fill every corner with to nurture yourself and all who enter your home.

Remember they are coming to see YOU, not your house. So don’t worry about decorating with all the latest trends or having the perfect meal.

In fact, to make it even more fun, you might want to think about a pot luck or an afternoon tea. There is only so much tofurkey your vegetarian pals can stand and at some point, even the sweet tooths in the crowd, are going to be craving something healthy, so don’t be afraid to get funky with the menu or with the focus.

And remember that not everyone does Christmas in your circle of friends, yet they would love to see you this month too. Love up your tribe!


7. Take it outdoors: Why not try something a bit different this year like a skating party, a group walk in the woods or making snow angels? Remember when Grandma would send you outside to play? You still need to play and I bet your friends’ Inner Children would enjoy a snow fort or a snow fight or the classic catching snow on your tongue experience. Seriously now.. December has weather and you need to get outside to reconnect with nature, so play on it and make it way more fun for you and your friends this year!


December 16th’s affirmation:


* Today’s affirmation comes from the Empathways ~ Affirmations for Sensitive Soul series. Get your personal set for your altar or to give as a gift at our gift shop.

We want to help you celebrate your holiday season and deepen into the joy of thriving as a sensitive soul! Each morning a new door will open  to help you savour the day and honour your sensitivities. Imagine opening a daily treat from now until December 25th that has been created just for you!

Do you have other tips about caring for your wellness at the holidays, or a story to share that might help others? Please share in the comment section below. Together we are stronger!

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