Today is the perfect day to pause and reflect on your priority list. You are present and positive for so many people in your life. You give to your partner and/or family. You give to your friends. You give to your jobs and often volunteer your time and talents for free. My goodness you give and give and give.


While you are reflecting, see if in that circle of those blessed by your presence and your many gifts, you find YOU!

Not sure if December is the right time to ask for what you need? It sure is!

You are worth and deserving of being included in this great circle of love you have created my friend.


empath-advent-8Holiday Tip:  Today’s helpful tip  is inspired by a conscious communication technique I learned while studying at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. It will act as a wonderful bridge between the emotional and mental bodies. It helps you to name what you are feeling in a non-threatening way. As well, once you have been able to name what you are feeling and what thoughts you are holding that created the feeling, you can ask for what you need.

The initial framework looks like this.

_____ (name of the person) I am feeling _____ (whatever you are experiencing in your emotional field), when you ____ (the action/non-action that you observe) because I imagine that _____ (the story about the action/non-action that creates the emotion).

What I need from you is _____ (the action you are requesting).

Please notice that in this framework, you are owning your feeling about the situation and the perception you have. There is no judgmental language used. This type of conscious communication strategy makes it easier for the other person to hear what you are saying.

A sample communication looks like this…

John, I am feeling frustrated when you don’t check with me about holiday plans in advance because I imagine that you don’t appreciate all of the things I need to get done to prepare for guests.

What I need from you is to speak with me before inviting people over to be sure I am prepared to entertain and offer to help to get everything ready.


Ready to see how this will work well for you as an Empath? Give it a go and report back in the comments section below.

 Many blessings, EagleSpirit


December 8th’s Affirmation:


* Today’s affirmation comes from the Empathways ~ Affirmations for Sensitive Soul series. Get your personal set for your altar or to give as a gift at our gift shop.
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