Sensitive souls don’t need big and flashy, we need sincere and serene. We know that self-care is not merely an option that can get forgotten from the holiday schedule filled with dinners and gatherings with those we love and shopping and wrapping up treats to share.  Self-care is a necessity during the holiday season!!

So this year EagleSpirit Journeys has prepared 25 tips and tools, affirmations and reminders that honours holiday needs for Empaths, HSPs and Introverts.





Each morning a new door will open  to help you savour the day and honour your sensitivities. Imagine opening a daily treat from now until December 25th that has been created just for you!

We want to help you celebrate your holiday season and deepen into the joy of thriving as a sensitive soul!

When you are ready, click on the date to open your first door.

December 1 ~ Feeling Into a Situation

December 2 ~ Honouring Your Rhythm

December 3 ~ Festive Choices for a Free Spirit

December 4 ~ Putting the holy in holy-days

December 5 ~ Making YOUR yes and no

December 6 ~ Where your focus goes, your energy goes

December 7 ~ Wiggle your way to a sense-ational month!

December 8 ~ You may be a mindreader, but they probably aren’t

December 9 ~ What if you aren’t feeling holly jolly right now?

December 10 ~ Home for the Holidays?

December 11 ~ Making heart to heart connections last year round

December 12 ~ Easiest way for an Introvert to do the holidays!

December 14 ~ 5 Key Tips to Help Save the Sensitive Soul

December 15 ~ Forgiveness and Feeling Good

December 16 ~ 7 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Social Scene 

December 17 ~ Slow down and enjoy the sensuality of the season

December 18 ~ Keep your spirituality alive this season.

December 19 ~ Feeling safe with ALL of your feelings

December 20 ~ When give to get makes sense for a sensitive

December 21 ~ Lightening up about being sensitive

December 22 ~ Power to choose YOUR holiday experience

December 23 ~ Facing Fears and Getting In Your Flow

December 24 ~ Sensitives Live With an Open Heart

December 25th ~ Divine by design


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