“Becoming acquainted with yourself is a price well worth paying for the love that will really address your needs.” Daphne Rose Kingma

How wonderful that your monkey mind has decided to work with you… at least that is what I hope you are finding as you move through these exercises.

Loving and accepting all that you are, truly does include embracing what I have lovingly called the monkey mind.  In Jungian terms, it is rather like embracing the Shadow Self that many programs have encouraged you to seek out and to eliminate.

But does it not make sense that if one finds darkness to bring light to the situation?

By embracing the parts of yourself that you have previously criticized or suppressed – the sensitive self, the monkey mind – you are moving with integrity from your place of power.  There is no thing, no thought, no aspect of your true Self, which is not absolutely perfect.  It is simply a matter of acknowledging and embracing each part of YOU!

This holistic approach allows you to truly be a Skilled Empath without sacrificing any aspect of your Self.  How wonderful!


Exercise – Day Three

In the spirit of loving the Self, take a few moments and reflect back on the last 11 exercises along with all of the tips and techniques that you have connected with online and in class.   Are there any techniques that you found particular useful or challenging?  Based on your awarenesses, check to see which of the Skilled Empath techniques is in your highest good to revisit today.  Your higher self will know exactly which technique or awareness will serve you best for today’s practice exercise. 

When you have completed your exercise for the day, note the following: how your approach may or may not have shifted from the first time you did it, the challenge or ease you had with the practice and any new awarenesses you might have now.  Then, when you feel complete, please report back on our FB page and share your findings. 

Practicing the many technique being shared in Empath 101 will allow you to find what works best for you.  Practicing the techniques with compassion will make it a far more joyful experience, which will make it easier to include in your daily self-care routine as a Skilled Empath.


Affirmation- Day Three

I release the belief that I am too sensitive.  I balance my sensitivity with strength as I live my most authentic life now.


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