EmpathWays Truths (5 or 6) - not a psychicTruth has always been a biggie for me. As a sensitive soul, a born ‪#‎Empath‬, I was often confounded by how adults’s words and actions rarely matched. I could feel it when people were not speaking the “truth”. As I grew up, I came to learn that there really was a conscious agreement to wear masks… to say yes when we really meant meh! and no when we really wanted more. We were socialized at a very young age to do so. All in the name of manners and fitting in. And heaven help us if we went against that.

Now the neat thing about this so-called “New Age” movement is suddenly the elephant in the room is being talked about. (Well somewhat more so.)

Living in integrity with our soul’s truth is a more common goal shared by many.. but there are still barriers of fear of abandonment, fear of being an “outsider”, fear of not fitting in.. that sort of thing.

And what if my “truth” does not match your “truth”? We could have problems if no space is held for the idea that there may be more than one truth. Radical idea? Or are you following me on this one.

We story our lives into being.

At one point the “truth” was that the earth was flat and the sun moved round the earth. Now we have singing Canadian astronauts who can make and sell photos from space!

Our truths change. Our values may stay the same, but the clearest and best way to express them may change.

Someone asked a spiritual teacher I knew about a particular topic and her wise response began, ‘well what i know at this time is….’ As she continued on her journey, she knew she would have more access to deeper awarenesses and “truth” and acknowledged that with her opening comment.

Suggestions on you have always done your very besthow to deal with shifting ‘truths.’

Be gentle with yourself.
You have done your best with the truth as you have known it.
You will continue to grow and learn.
And as you live from a place of integrity, from a connection to your soul… then you are living YOUR “truth”.
And that is the best you can do.

Reflection Question ~ What is one thing you used to believe that is no longer your ‘truth?’

Answer in the comment section below.


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2 comments on “Empaths have no time for untruths!

    • Oh my goodness Maryann. I am so glad to read your comment. How wonderful that you now know that you truly are a worthy individual.. simply by being YOU! (doing a happy dance over here as you have touched my heart!!)

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