“I change my life when I change my thinking. 
I am Light. I am Spirit. 
I am a wonderful, capable being. 
And it is time for me to acknowledge 
that I create my own reality with my thoughts. 
If I want to change my reality, 
then it is time for me to change my mind.” 
 Louise L. Hay


You may have noticed over these last three weeks that there are several recurring themes.

  1. While Empaths and non-Empaths alike are all connected, a certain level of mindful awareness is necessary to avoid any unconscious energetic merging which can deplete the Empath’s energy.
  2. Regular self-care is important to having healthy relationships with the Self and others.
  3. You are creating your reality through your thoughts and feelings.   This means that, even as an Empath, you have the power to create a life you love to live while embracing all that you are.
  4. A cooperative partnership with your four energetic bodies helps you understand the energetic cues you are constantly receiving.

How we interpret energetic cues can definitely be influenced by the integrity of our fields.  This is why it is so important to be clear and grounded.  If we have picked up ‘negative’ energy from another person or place, then we could interpret a cue quite critically.  However, if we are in a physical or emotional space that is more ‘positive’, our interpretation of the energetic cue could be quite different.

Let me illustrate what I mean.  Picture in your mind’s eye a metal triangular shape that is about 7 or 8 inches long, narrow at one end and about 3 inches deep at the other.  Attached to this deeper end is a black handle.  It is a knife right?  Now, if you were a chef you would connect that visual with physical and emotional energetic cues that would tell you that it is a wonderful tool that is integral to making a good meal.  If, however, you are a victim of violence, that same knife is a weapon.

The knife simply is.  You have interpreted your experience of the knife through your life experience (or the experience of others that you may be connecting with as an Empath).

When you are grounded and centred, as a Skilled Empath you are able to use the power of your mind to help reclaim your full energy. You are not easily moved from your centre.  You are able to assess situations, check to see if your assessments are indeed correct and then choose what action is in your highest good to take.  There is no drama, only awareness.

Each of the exercises this week has been designed to help you work cooperatively with your mind.  Your mind interprets all that it sees and experiences during the day.  Both the program exercises you have done and the illustration I shared above tell you that; hence, the immediate introduction to checking at the Sunday intensive.

During the checking process you are able to shift your awareness from being an Empath alone with his or her awarenesses, to a Skilled Empath co-creating with Spirit.

It is so important to understand how we assign values and interpretations to the energetic cues that we receive. This is why I have emphasized that an answer is only as good as the question that has been posed.  A question that has assumptions in it will fuzzy your answer.

Exercise – Day Five

Today we are going to do a simple 2-minute exercise to demonstrate how you can practice non-attachment as your mind interprets energetic cues from your physical environment.

Relax your body and quiet your mind.  Close you eyes for a moment.   Do a brief scan of the first 3 energetic bodies and then notice how you are feeling on all 3 levels in that moment. 

Take a deep breath and then open your eyes and briefly scan the room or location around you.  Notice the thoughts that you attach to what you see as you rest your eyes in different spots around the room. 

Take another deep breath and close your eyes once more.  Again bring your attention back to yourself.  How are you feeling in this moment? Once you have connected within, gently open your eyes and return to your regular activities.

Choose at least two times today to do the body scan and awareness exercise.  The first time you do this exercise, you may wish to be in a private, quiet space.  Then, when you feel ready to do this exercise a second time, pick a place where you will have other stimulus around you – a person or a pet will do just fine.  Notice the difference in how you perceive your energetic cues (physical, emotional or mental) and how easy or difficult it is to return your awareness to yourself after connecting to an animate object (person or pet) in comparison to an inanimate object (furniture or pictures).

After you have noted your awarenesses, please share your experiences on our Empath 101 Facebook page.


Affirmation- Day Five

My mind interprets my daily experiences.  I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts because we are all one.  I connect regularly to my inner wisdom because I am determined to see clearly.


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