Loving and appreciating your body, rather than criticizing it allows you to more fully enjoy being in the world. It also might make you less of a consumer of the ‘crap’ – both in the physical and in the messaging you take in. But don’t you deserve to enjoy the body you are in.. right now, right here?

TURN OFF the mediimages-6a that is telling you that you are too this or that. And FORGET COMPARISONS because while you may never be walking the runway, my goodness you look fabulous walking with your head held high in the REAL WORLD!!!

WALK AWAY from the steady diet of self-loathing that you have been fed and instead, PAUSE AND GIVE THANKS. Give thanks for the body you have because, believe it or not right now, it is perfect!

Here we are on a Sunday and I am going to call the faithful out right now. If you are a divine child of God, then how can there be anything wrong with you? As a little Dennis the Menace type cartoon on a friend’s fridge caught my eye years ago, it was the words underneath that really pointed this out to me. It said, ‘God don’t make no junk!’

Each and every time you are criticizing yourself you are kind of saying to God… ‘hey love what you did with last night’s sunset and this morning sunrise was divine too, but you seem to have messed up with me!’ Holy moly, that might not go over well with the Almighty!

So let’s shift the criticism to gratitude today and focus on what is working well in your body RIGHT NOW!



Let’s focus on the positive. Let’s focus on the fact that you are beauty-full… inside and out. Even if you are having health issues there are things that are working. Focus on the positives.

1. You are breathing. And you didn’t have to figure out how. The body is doing it for most of you on its very own!

2. Your blood is circulating through with fresh energy to nourish every part of your body.. and some of us need medicines to help that, but let’s be grateful that they are working.

3. Your mind is clear when you are centred and calm. And when you are not feeling in what the Course in Miracles calls your ‘right mind’ where you only see love instead of fear, well you do something about it because being in LOVE feels more yummy.

10689831_480034348802853_5791364280318471350_nYour body is your vehicle and rather than envying what another has, how about giving yourself an energetic tuneup and ‘driving’ it in a way that is safe for it and keeps the pep that it originally had. Surely if we can do it for an old sexy convertible, we can do it for ourselves right?

You see the interesting thing is what you focus on grows more forward in your awareness. (Yep that Law of Attraction works for your wellbeing, not just for your wallet!)

This is the relationship that needs your focus and care today. And you are worth it!



ES promo shot sedonaEagleSpirit, a Contemporary Shaman, has worked for over 20 years to help clients relax their bodies, release limiting beliefs and radiate their most authentic selves.
As the creator of Empath 101 Empowerment program she speaks to groups internationally, facilitates the month-long course that has changed lives and is often featured in the media for her grounded approach to spirituality.
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2 comments on “Find Me Some Body To LOVE!

  • Awesome reminder… I’d love to see a(nother) post on being as kind to ourselves as we are to others. This one is great, and I did feel a shift when I read it!

    xoxo keep up the wonderful work!

    • Great suggestion Kathy! As sensitives souls, especially Empaths, we are very likely to take better care of others than ourselves and unfortunately we can run into some trouble energetically with this behaviour. At some point one or more of our energetic bodies will desperately try to get our attention to remind us to ‘fill up our own cup’ pronto.

      Watch the blog page for future posts on more self-care/wellness tips to come as we celebrate loving up ourselves so we can be loving to others from a place of energy and empowerment!

      Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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