Spring has sprung and there is an eagerness to begin this next growing season, so here we go! Great news for Empaths working on boundaries and self-care. While others are still encouraging you to get a thick skin so you can fit in with the crowd or bubble yourself in white light so that you can go places that insult your soul, I want to help you celebrate the miracle of being you. You are indeed blessed as an Empath or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)! And we let our freak flag fly here at EagleSpirit Journeys doing air high fives, a happy dance or simply standing in awe of the amazing Unity consciousness that connects us all. Why? Because BEING A SENSITIVE SOUL ROCKS!!

No more apologies. No more trying to fit in. No more saying YES when you mean NO. Got it? Sensitives are needed now more than ever and that is why so many are awakening at this time. So we are going to journey together learning how to THRIVE rather than just survive. Sound good?

This Spring I am going to share more about EmpathWays … simple energetic skills to help you stand in your power and thrive as a sensitive soul. Want to know one of my biggest secrets on how to avoid getting overwhelmed or dragged down and blocked on your journey to empowerment? Healthy boundaries.

We are so busy doing unconscious energetic merges that we are easily pulled about by others ~ the media, our friends and family, the latest self-help book.  It is great to get input on issues, but only you live with the consequences of your choices. So consciously making your choices can make a world of difference! Getting to the yumminess of being an Empath means that you are going to reclaim your power to choose your path.

Make no mistakes my friend, you are here with purpose. Amidst all the noise, you are often the voice of reason. You are often the person others seek out because you listen. You bring calm to a room without even doing a4417073 thing. And each of these abilities are needed at this time. You are needed at this time, so let’s get started.

I want to show you how to tap into your Inner Wisdom rather than spending years trying to follow other people’s guidance on how to be your best you. In fact, sharing what took me over 40 years to figure out  is what has kept me excited about doing healing work this last 25 years.  You might even say I have become a bit of an ’empathetic badass,’ because I am not going to let others suffer silently. Helping sensitives skip the big roadblocks I suffered ~ health crises, horrible relationships,  financial difficulties ~ is why I created EmpathWays. It is the home for Empath 101 and other tools that will be revealed in 2016.

Imagine trusting your sensitivities that so many have told you are a problem and honouring them. Did you know that it’s actually your Inner GPS (God/dess Positioning System)? Listening within and discerning your Inner Wisdom helps you stay on your path.  Ready to activate it and zoom ahead this year?

You need to know what is in your highest good at any moment. Avoid those potholes on your path, like rescuing others, staying in relationships longer than is healthy and saying YES when you really mean NO.

And worry not my sensitive soul friends, your highest good is actually part of the highest good of all so being firm with what does and doesn’t work for you is still respecting everyone around you.

Let me tell you the key to this whole process of choices so that you can  take the quickest path to where you want to go. Accessing honest YES and NO’s.  And this will be the year that you not only learn how to find them, but start practicing them without apology.

Saying no to others is often saying yes to you. It is an act of love. People pleasing just does not work for a sensitive. When we do it long enough we can create crises in our lives so that we can finally stop this self-defeating behaviour. But why create more difficulties to get to this crossroads? Haven’t you had enough?.

Make this one subtle shift to 10429219_554095121396775_1958883921230533606_nget beyond your same old same old to the new horizon of yummy YOU! Calm any concerns about holding healthy boundaries by approaching things differently.  Think with the Heart and Love with the Mind.

How do you get to that place?

First things first.

Acknowledge and embrace your fears.

Getting to your YES means first saying NO to those fears that are blocking you.

Your fears are trying to help you and keep you ‘safe.’ Trouble is, safe most often means within your comfort zone. But getting to be a Zen Mama/Dude about everything, or embracing your Super Hero Self (sans cape of course) to courageously take on your soul’s purpose could be way outside of your comfort zone. Good news is that YOU CAN DO IT!

Facing your fears and saying ‘I see you,’ is important. Understanding that those fears are energetic cues trying to tell you something is helpful and once you use discernment you can get to the next step.

You can welcome the fears, but you are not setting the table for them or inviting them for a sleepover. Once you have gotten their message you can then say, ‘Thank you, but I trust my Inner Wisdom and I believe I am divinely guided and cared for. Now I am going to refocus my mind on successfully doing what I have just been guided to do!’

EmpathWays is a way to help your sweet self prepare to receive an abundance of more that is in harmony with you. Responding from a place of love, rather than reacting from fear makes a world of difference for everyone, but really makes a sensitive soul’s life magical. Trust me. It is worth it in the long run.


Today’s Reflection Invitation

Get quiet for a few moments and reflect on some of your key life decisions. Note where you made your choice from a place of love and where you made your choice from a place of fear. Then observe the outcome of your decision and note where you felt valued and energized and where you felt drained and depleted.

Let’s move into the current year and explore this further.  Make a note of your current activities in a typical week and different relationships (friends, family, neighbours). Then take a fresh piece of paper and draw a line down the centre.  One heading will be ‘energy raising’ and one heading will be ‘energy draining.’

Place each activities and relationship on the appropriate side. Without judgement observe where you first put each experience. Note if there are some that are going to need some boundary making on and which ones you could use your ability to say honest YES and NO’s at or in so that you can get more out of your everyday experiences.

Then, if you feel comfortable, share one of your biggest insights from your reflection time in the comments below.


ES promo shot sedonaEagleSpirit, a Contemporary Shaman, has worked for over 20 years to help clients relax their bodies, release limiting beliefs and radiate their most authentic selves.
As the creator of Empath 101 Empowerment program she speaks to groups internationally, facilitates the month-long course that has changed lives and is often featured in the media for her grounded approach to spirituality.
Visit here for more details about Empath 101 and contact us if you would like to sponsor the program in your area. Email to find our about personalized Soul Journeys, the upcoming Soul Whispers in Sedona Spirit Quest Tour or private sessions. You deserve to feel Soul Good!

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