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One of my favourite things about Hawaii is that there is time to ‘talk story.’ Friends greeting each other and catching up. Strangers stopping and chatting, often for hours, about the waves or the fishing or whatever the topic might be. Took awhile for this mainlander wahine to drop into the island time rhythm, but what a blessing it can be. Empaths need deep connections and going more slowly and connecting heart to heart means the world to us.


“You can have regret from yesterday, fear tomorrow, but peace today by sharing your heart’s deepest feelings. A life spent being fearful of showing your soul is a life not worth living.” Shannon L. Alder

Heck I remember renting my first house on Kauai and chatting for over an hour with my prospective landlady before I got an answer to the question I had asked. It was a real heart to heart chat and I learned more about the island I would call home for awhile. What really touched me though, was when she waved goodbye. Looking out the rearview mirror to see this tall slender woman waving so elegantly and watching me drive away touched my heart. There was no rush rush.

There are some beautiful things to be said about going slow… that is if you embrace it. After a car accident in November I have to admit I was not that blissed out over my slower speech or my challenges with writing and reading. For a brief while basic everyday activities became herculean tasks. I withdrew and remained quiet focussing my energies on time with clients where that powerful presence was most useful. I had little interest in distractions as I became easily overwhelmed and was using every tool I had from Empath 101 to remain balanced and at peace. And it worked.

It rather remindsUnknown me of that Louise Hay quote, “You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”

We can not bully ourselves to wellness. Nor does trying to be a speedy overachiever win you any self-love success points!

Telling myself it was part of a process and practicing patience and compassion with my Self allowed me to make leaps and bounds in my healing. And the beautiful thing is the ‘speedy girl’ my friends had known had less interest in returning.

With each of the 3 visits I had to Hawaii in 2015 I felt nourished and nurtured by the islands (yes there is more than one and each has its own distinct personality and so you just can’t go once… but if you are going to, contact me for tips!). In fact, after returning from my April visit I met with a friend to ‘talk story’ and as I glided by (I was feeling so peaceful I swear I was floating) she didn’t even recognize me!!!

I wonder if you would recognize a slower more peaceful version of yourself. That is who you are at your core you know. Calm. Collected. Creative. Passionate. Playful. There is no knicker knotting whatsoever!

You do not naturally have all that fear. You were not born as a rush, rush person, but rather as a human BE-ing.

Fear as a motivator has been given to you. The beautiful thing is you are at choice. You can give it back. You can let it go. You can choose to slow down and be present to what is with love and grace.

Truly what are you rushing towards anyways? Life is a journey. Be gentle with yourself so that you can enjoy it more fully my friend. Time passes so quickly and often we miss the special moments unless we stop for a few minutes and share.

Let’s ‘talk story.’ We could even make it a Tuesday habit if you like.

Let’s do it right here. Right now. I want to hear your stories.

Question of the day: Tell me one of your favourite summertime memories (from this year or a year past that still stays with you in your heart).

Answer right here on the page below. Want your friends and family to ‘talk story’ too? Share the blog. After all, sharing is caring.

8 comments on “It’s about time you took some time

  • Seriously… you are an amazing writer who has found her metier!
    I will have to think how to narrow down a favourite summertime memory…

    • Can’t wait to read about one (or more if you wish) of your magical summer memories Kathy. You are such a wonderful writer that it will be a joy to read! Look forward to ‘talking story’ with you!

  • Acting as tourist guide to my cousins and all the laughs we had. No one single event stands out, it was just a montage of great moments, strung together, like flowers on a lei.

    • Anne-Marie you do such a beautiful job of describing the magical moments you shared with your cousins this summer. And love the Hawaiian lei reference. What a poet you are! Thanks for ‘talking story’ with me!

  • Gerry and I have been working crazy hours and this past weekend went camping in Murray Corner. It’s been 40 years since I camped there and remembering some of those happy times coupled with the wonderful time Gerry and I were having , just Be-ing, was amazing . It was only 2 days but we came home refreshed and truly felt the blessings of our life together . <3

    • Sharing a special spot with a loved one is a wonderful way to make beautiful new memories. Yay to you both for making your relationship a key priority in your busy lives. Thanks for ‘talking story!’ Aloha!

  • Hello, and thank you for this site. Beautiful writing and messages coming through. What a wonderful concept to adopt from Kauai. We all love to share our experiences with one another, for if not, it is like travelling alone…….no one there to say, “oh, look at that!”. It seems to crystalize our life experiences.
    My summer memory was taking my teens to Fundy, hiking and kayaking on the lake, as well as camping in PEI. The “togetherness” of our family of three was beautiful. No electronics distracting and stealing away our bonds. Mostly, the joy I felt to see my kids turning to one another once again, laughing, joking and sharing parts of themselves they keep hidden from others for fear of ridicule. Sitting around a campfire is the best place for them to travel within and help remind themselves of what really matters here and now.
    Again, thankX for sharing.

    • I love that! Your comment that sharing our experiences “seems to crystallize our life experiences,’ is very powerful indeed. Perhaps Talk Story Tuesdays could become one of the regular features on the site, in addition to the blogs about thriving as a sensitive soul. Thank you so much for sharing your Fundy and PEI outdoors story of time with your family with no electronics! A bold step in this day and age that has made beautiful memories for each of you. Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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