Ready for a sneak peek at your Spirit Quest Tour Itinerary?

Listed below is a tentative itinerary; however the more intimate size of the group allows for tailoring the day’s activities to the individuals attending. Spirit is working with our souls to ensure we have the deepest experience possible.


Sunday September 15 ~ PreTour Arrival to Relax and Enjoy

Land in Phoenix where your private shuttle will be waiting for you. EagleSpirit will be picking up our four Maritimers first and whisking you over to Scottsdale for a chance to stretch your legs and visit some of the finest local galleries and shops after your flights and enjoy a tasty brunch at one of my favourite restaurants. Then we will head back to pick up our final guest travelling from Ontario and head up towards the high desert together.

Enjoy the scenic drive to Sedona to settle into your room here at the Coffee Pot Cabin in West Sedona. As a group we can decide whether we want to go to town and enjoy some of the fine dining available in the area with red rocks views or we can pick up dinner and return to the house.

Then you can relax in the house as you unwind from your travel here or sit outside and take in the gorgeous views while you settle in. Perhaps you will end your day watching the sunset or sitting out on the back deck under the stars to enjoy the beauty of your home for this week of adventure and energetic expansion.

Holding space with love

olding space with love

Monday September 16 – Day One

Take advantage of this first morning with an early group breakfast up in Oak Creek Canyon and a relaxed hike out on the land. EagleSpirit will take you to one of her new favourite spots, West Fork Trail. It is one of the most photographed hikes in the area as you are walking in the forest along the refreshing Oak Creek and the canyon walls rise up around you to embrace you.  It is a flat hike that crosses the creek in several places that we can do at an easy pace as you acclimate to the higher elevations of the area.

It will be lunch out and then time to relax before our official Chariots of Fire begins with a special south western Welcome Dinner created just for our group by our personal chef, Judy Morgan. Our dinner will be the official start to a magical week of learning and laughter on this Chariots of Fire Spirit Quest Tour.

After dinner we will begin with opening activities to create clear intentions for our time together.  Don’t be surprised if some of your guides come to visit with messages. This Spirit Quest Tour has been a divine appointment for each of us and there is much to share!


Tuesday September 17– Day Two

Today is going to be electric as you enjoy time with Duane Red Wolf Davis. He will do a short presentation and reveal our group’s Sacred Soul Activation Piece that he has been working on since your booked your stay with us. This piece will be used for your activation and provide continued inspiration when you return home.

Each of you also have private meetings with him to receive personalized Soul Astrology information that shows your Starseed Connections and more! (I would suggest recording your chat with him as the key details he will review with you will be very informative.) He will join us for lunch to share more amazing stories of his life and work and to answer questions you have about Star People and energetic shifts we are experiencing at this earth time. 
Then we are headed over to the Labyrinth for another mystical experience. A beautiful symbol of the journey each of us is on this week and also a meditative tool that helps you go inwards to get your answers. Bring your journal with you as you may wish to jot notes about the aha moments that happen in this magical spot!

After our yummy group dinner EagleSpirit,  will help you integrate the energetic experiences you have had with a powerful group meditation and energetic attunement.


olding space with love

Wednesday September 18 – Day Three

After a wonderful healthy breakfast, get your walking gear on because we are out on the land this morning with Medicine Woman Maya Starhawk who will help you awaken your Spirit!  She will help you unlock deep imprints of information of your soul’s journey so that you may have a relationship with your own spirit, access hidden talents and fulfill your full potential on this planet. This is a wonderful way to truly live the saying we are spiritual beings having a physical experience!

Then we’ll come back to relax and enjoy lunch before heading off to Montezuma’s Well, a mysterious ‘bottomless’ source of water that has fascinated and served native peoples for thousands of years.

We will relax under the shade of the cool trees at the source of the well and learn of the creation story connected to this sacred location.  Montezuma’s Well also provides a perfect opportunity for a Heart Chakra activation.

On our way back along the 179, called the Scenic Byway, we will visit the breathtaking Chapel of the Holy Cross that is a spiritual and architectural attraction in the area. In 2007, Arizonans voted the Chapel to be one of the Seven Man-Made Wonders of Arizona, and it is also one of the most popular vortex sites to visit.

People of all faiths come to spend time in the quiet chapel and take photos of the amazing views that it commands. The vortex energy here is very powerful! Allow yourself to relax and take in all that you are receiving energetically. Then  in the evening, enjoy another guided meditation with EagleSpirit to relax your body, mind and spirit.


Thursday September 19 – Day Four 

Soar along with these new energies you are experiencing with an optional sunrise meditation up at the Airport Vortex.  

Then it’s a hearty breakfast and we are back out on the land. At Redrock Crossing you will be able to leisurely stroll alongside Oak Creek to visit some of the most photographed views of Cathedral Rock and experience the power of the vortexes of Sedona. There will be time to meditate and the opportunity to explore your connection to the land in this area. 

Then, after lunch, we have a special guest coming to speak with us. Author and internationally sought after speaker, Tom Dongo will share mysterious experiences and incredible events with otherworldly beings, strange flying craft and unexplained light anomalies in the area.

After dinner we are diving deep  with EagleSpirit. Time to explore the mind – more specifically the connection between the intellect and the intuition. Learn about the path of discernment that will make it easier to ‘think with the heart and love with the mind.’  

Find your personal method of accessing your Inner Wisdom and learn how to ask the clearest questions so that you can get helpful information to make decision making much easier.

There will be a relaxing guided meditation to help you further ground your energies and connect to the sacred red rocks of Sedona. And then there will be time to sit outside to take in the amazing night sky and connect to the cosmos. Sleep will come easy this evening which is great because Day Five  starts early enough to catch a gorgeous red rock views from a new vantage point.


Friday September 20 – Day Five

Integrating the powerful energies you have experienced so far and honouring the activations you have received is key so that you can carry home the energy of Sedona into your everyday routine, so let’s tap into a powerful time/space continuum to do this. Enjoy a hearty breakfast this morning because we are heading out onto the land for a magical hike to Devil’s Arch! 

Carved by Mother Nature through wind and water, this is the largest freestanding arch in the area. Well worth the hike out and up the steep steps carved into the rock side for the powerful healing energy, you will want to spend some time connecting through meditation or simply being present taking in the amazing views!

Then in the afternoon after lunch, you will have time for relaxation and reflection. You could choose to walk on one of the trails close by, journal out on the patio or visit some of the amazing crystal and gift shops in the area. 

We’ll enjoy an early dinner and then pack our travel bags and head up to spend a night on the Hopi Reservation in preparation for Day Six. We will climb back up Oak Creek Canyon as the sun is setting and further north to travel across Diné Bikéyah (Navajoland), home of the Diné (the people). See the hogans, the traditional housing of the Navajo on your way to the Hopi Nation and Reservation. 


Saturday September 21 – Day Six

It’s an early start to the day as we’ve been invited as guests of our guide, Ronald Wadsworth the Hopi Spokesman, to the Women’s Emergence Dance on one of the Hopi Mesas. Then we will breakfast at the Hopi Cultural Centre. and travel with our guide Ronald around the three Mesas in the morning.

This really is an authentic cultural and spiritual experience. We will not only get to do a walking tour of the village of Old Oraibi – the oldest, permanently-inhabited village in in North America, but will also get to learn about the Prophecy Rock and Hopi teachings. Plus visit with artisans such as basket makers, pottery makers and kachina carvers. 

Then it will be back down to our home for one final fabulous dinner from Chef Judy. Following our closing dinner, EagleSpirit will be leading you in a sacred Golden Light Meditation that can be used to nourish and nurture the body.  


Sunday September 22 – Day Seven

Enjoy a delicious hot breakfast and then say goodbye to your Sedona sanctuary. A group shuttle has been arranged to drive you back down through the winding roads and canyons to Phoenix. This time; however,  you will see the stunning desert scenery with fresh eyes and you will feel even more deeply connected to it and to your soul as you prepare to travel homeward.


am so pleased that I can share one of the most sacred spots on the earth while also inviting you to connect more deeply with your inner wisdom. The soul-nourishing energies here and the pampering and healing work that the Spirit Quest Tour team provides will ensure that this is a trip of a lifetime. 

Many blessings, EagleSpirit