If you are looking for love this Valentines, I am going to save you are whole lot of money and time and heartache! Stop everything and read this. Let’s get real about this whole loveability issue mmmk?

There’s a lot of money being made at Valentines. Cards. Flowers. Chocolates. All for the sake of ‘love’.  In fact, the whole industry of getting loved27894_10151287343633166_495478741_n extends way past this one day. We have been told by the media that we  need to be ‘perfect’ to find our perfect partner. 
Advertisers are going to hate me for this but step away from your online shopping for the perfect outfit, stop gagging on the tooth whitening strips and my goodness if you want to be at your ‘stitch-and-bitch’ knitting group rather than pilates before this evening, DO IT!  Because you are already perfect!

Forget what you have been told. You truly are loveable, exactly the way you are! In fact, it is the only way you can be truly loveable. You need to get authentic!

When we put on a mask for others to get approval or attract a person or situation, we are actually creating a problem for ourselves. Eventually the mask must fall … and then there you are … naked. (And not in a fun way) Might as well drop the mask today. Love who you are and allow others to love you too.  

Now this may make you feel like you are stuck in caterpillar mode and unable to fly free as a beautiful butterly into that fairytale romance idea you have been socialized with but I say no. Living authentically is not going to keep you grounded or stuck. It is going to get you grateful. It is going to get you tapped into an amazing flow of energy. And you will not be alone. Living authentically will indeed help you soar.  Loving yourself exactly as you are will give you the freedom that you seek. And when you feel free you shine. You are beauty-full in fact!

Beauty and love and appreciation are intertwined.  When you can see the beauty within you, when you can love and appreciate who you are, then your energy vibration is raised and you become very attractive to others. The very thing you have been waiting for from someone outside of you is what you need to give to yourself before you can feel truly safe and comfortable in your relationships. Yummy right?

You know over two years ago I felt guided to take #walkshots each day. I would look for beauty on my daily outings with my dogs. Wherever I was. Of course I had been doing that with Soul Journey clients and friends for many years, but this was different.

I needed to find the beauty in my everyday experiences, otherwise I might get distracted and think that the only places I could find it were ‘out there’ in exotic locations. Are you following the connection?

Is your idea of beauty something that has been fed to you from the outside? Not trying to be a Kardashian buzzkill, but seriously are they or any other fashion icon really going to tell you that you are not enough and get away with it?

Are you withholding your love?  Try this sentence on and see what happens.

I will feel beautiful when ______ . Fill in the blank.

Is it when you weigh a certain amount? When your abs looks a certain way? When you hear it from another?  

And let’s get super honest here for a moment. If another sings your praises will it feel true to you?

Often we long to hear we are beautiful or loveable from another, but we can’t even receive that.  Look at the variety of responses in this video when they were told they are beautiful. Does it surprise you?


approve of herself shine


Today’s Reflection Invitation

Notice when you see your reflection in the mirror or something shiny going by and listen to your mental chatter. Are you being a cheerleader or a critic?

Notice how you feel as you go through your social media feeds and read about others’ relationship status. What comes up for you?

Watch to see your choices today. Are they acts of self-love or self-critism?

Reflect on how you feel right now in the skin you are in. Can you sit comfortably with yourself or do you need to keep busy to feel worthy?

Listen for the next  love song you hear on the radio. Could it be something your soul could be singing about you? Praising your beauty? Aching for you to return your affection.? Wanting your attention?

Get a piece of paper and make a list of 5 things you love about yourself. Are you willing to put it up on your bathroom mirror and make it part of your daily affirmations?

love is all you need

Now if even one of these reflections feel good for you, try them for the entire week. I am inviting you to be more kind and more loving with yourself.

Love is a powerful healing tool.

Just imagine how much more yummy your life could be if what you were thinking, what you were saying and what you were doing were beautiful acts of love.

You would feel good.

Those you connected with would feel good.

Heck folks who stood near you on the elevator would feel good! Just one more reason to reclaim your power and live a life you love!


ES promo shot sedonaEagleSpirit, a Contemporary Shaman, has worked for over 20 years to help clients relax their bodies, release limiting beliefs and radiate their most authentic selves.
As the creator of Empath 101 Empowerment program she speaks to groups internationally, facilitates the month-long course that has changed lives and is often featured in the media for her grounded approach to spirituality.
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