You can have your concrete and fast paced cities. It is exciting to some, but give me nature please. Like many sensitive souls, nature is my medicine. Even when I was back in the 9-5 world years ago, I always had plants in my office. I believed that if a plant could survive in that environment, then so could I. And over the years as I have embraced my sensitivities and learned how to better listen to my heart, my need to feel grounded and connected to Mother Earth has only gotten stronger.

Nature nurtures. Where is your healing place?

Nature nurtures. Where is your healing place?

Why just yesterday, I found that getting to the ocean worked as fast as many over the counter pain relievers (which have never worked for me and is part of the reason I began exploring holistic medicine over 20 years ago!)

The only side effect is that I need to keep going back. I am hooked and confession time… I have been journeying all over the world to get my fix of nature for years. Mountains, trees and water. I am energized by it all!

Interestingly so are my Soul Journey clients when we travel to destinations that activate their own person healing gifts and wisdom. (For more details about Soul Journeys, visit

Simply put, nature nurtures.

Yesterday afternoon, my head was pounding and my breath was short. I truly thought I could be having a heart attack! The pain was so strong and I knew it was not mine. I had done an energetic merging with another soul who was definitely stressed and I was having a dickens of a time clearing it. Even with the Clearing Prayer! Why might that be?

If the Clearing Prayer, which I usually swear by, does not work there can be several reasons.

1. There is a strong energetic hook or tie to the person or situation. If this is not acknowledged and addressed then someone may show up in your fields repeatedly until you either clear them completely or your fields are strong enough and filled with love so there is no space for another to ‘invade’ your soul sanctuary. Check to see if you are running old thought patterns again. If so, the same situation with a new face might occur. Be gentle with yourself and do the work to release it once and for all. You are a powerful creator. Time to focus on what you want instead of telling the old stories.

2. Your sensitivities are at an all time high and radical self-care is required. The energetic shifts going on are allowing us to more fully live from a soul perspective which means our fields are changing and expanding. Being in balance and doing some radical self-care is in order. Rest when you are tired. Eat what your body is truly calling for when you are hungry. Drink plenty of water because it is a super way to move the energy… on the etheric and physical levels. 🙂 Practice right action. (This may mean a change in relationships, living arrangements and/or right livelihood. You are changing internally and that will eventually be mirrored externally too.)

3. You are running on fear and not faith. Any prayer or affirmation works best when you feel grounded and connected. When you feel that you are worthy and deserving of you good and no person, place or thing has any power over you as a child of God or the Universe, then you are in your power. What you believe in.. fear or faith… will win.

So what did I do when my handy Clearing Prayer was not breaking the energetic hook and the pain was getting so severe I thought I might need to get myself to the hospital (gasp!), I listened to the guidance. ‘Get to the ocean,’ I was told.

I breathed deeply and with eyes squinting and one hand holding the top of my head where the stabbing pains were pounding down like a kid on a new set of toy drums and the other hand on the steering wheel, I drove as quickly as I could to the ocean and parked the car. Slowly i got out of the car and made my way down the wooden steps to the beach and past the families to a perfect rock. One that would support my back as I lowered myself to the sandy shore.

The sun was setting and its powerful warmth kissed my skin. I could hear the waves gently washing to shore and heard the laughter of the children at a distance. I kept breathing deeply and in a few moments I heard the next step. ‘Give yourself to the sand,’ I heard. I laid out my sarong and then gentle laid down without a worry what anyone thought and closed my eyes. Focussing on the waves and my breath, I relaxed and let go. I lost track of time or place. I simply allowed myself to be cradled by Mother Earth.

When I felt it was time to sit up, I was surprised at how far down the sun had come. It was moving closer and closer to the water’s edge. Ever so carefully I brought myself to a seated position. But the pain did not rise with me. Mother earth had taken it. I took a few photos of this healing spot and slowly and gratefully made my way back to the car to return home to my temporary spot. I had learned that the guidance I had received while in Hawaii in July was not merely a suggestion. I am indeed better by the ocean. And so now, within a few short days, I will be making my way back again. This time permanently. Once again the waters have more to teach me.

Is it time for some beach therapy?

Is it time for some beach therapy?

We can learn from difficulties and we can learn more gently too. We have choice.  As I get ready to celebrate my birthday in a few weeks, I continue to repeat that ‘I choose peace.’ And for me, peace is found by the water’s edge now. Where do you find it?


4 comments on “Nature nurtures. But what about the huge side effects?

  • Beautiful post. So much truth in there for me too. Thank you for sharing such a perfect lesson. I’ve been experiencing headaches and neck stiffness that are related to the shifts. As an empath I can truly say, “I feel your pain, and I seek your solution.”

    • Absolutely Just one more reason why radical self-care is so important for not only Empaths, but everyone. These shifts are not temporary. Nor are they static. We are growing and changing, expanding and becoming. It is such a powerful time to be here and as we honour our most Authentic Selves and show up, magical happens! Yay you for being so mindful of this Kathy!

  • Loved your post. I experienced a bit of the same a couple of weeks ago when I went on vacation. When my husband suggested we go to PEI for a few days, I told him my only condition was to be close to the beach…I needed beach therapy….before going on vacation, I was wound up like a top and felt like I was going to pop! I feel so much calmer these days and realize that I too need to get to the beach more often. Thanks for sharing. <3

    • Finding spaces that nurture us and taking the time to get there can be such a blessing to us Empaths eh? So glad you know your magic spot too!

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