I would have loved to have been wrong so many times. Even after I saw the red flags, I would still move ahead with a relationship, or a job, or a living situation. Yes, my Empath’s Inner Bullsh*t Meter worked fine usually, but I ignored when the actions were definitely speaking louder than words. And it was a pattern I had learned since early childhood. Ever happen to you too?

171678_20140219_114901_ifEmpaths just know stuff. And it starts at a young age. Why? Because Empaths are born, not made. I help fellow sensitives get the shortcuts to accessing their Inner Wisdom now so they can avoid the BS that still often surrounds us… or let’s face it, that we ourselves put there in order to veil the truths we innately know but are having a challenge dealing with. Things like – I am giving myself away piece by piece so I can be loved by you, my heart hurts when I watch those violent TV shows but my friends like it and I don’t want to feel out of the loop, or I overcommit to social invites when I really would rather be out in nature and taking time to reflect.

Ignoring our Inner Wisdom has been a trained behaviour. And it usually starts young.

Do you suppose that phrase ‘children should be seen but not heard’ that we grew up with was designed to shut down what we knew as wee ones? We have shaken in fear when we have heard the adults fight because we could feel the anger arcing through the room like an electric storm. We have known that what words may have been passed off as jokes were really passive aggressive attacks made by adults who felt so small themselves that they needed to belittle someone who couldn’t strike back. The words were bad enough, and easy to get away with too. No bruises that could show. And for those of us, like myself that went to school with bruises after hearing the words ‘this hurts me more than it hurts you’ just before the violence would happen.. well there was little done for us. (ok wiping tears as I write this, but I know I have to share because I am not the only one who is ready to call bullsh*t and I don’t want you to feel alone. It gets better, I promise you.)

Our sensitivities have helped us get this far and they are there for a reason. We can choose to listen. We can learn to trust ourselves and what we know. Those feelings that things aren’t quite right give us valuable information.

We are adults now and we can more actively choose what we will and will not allow in our lives.

It is an act of love.

It is an act of faith.

It may even be an act of courage as we move forward.

Hmmm I feel like we have the beginnings of something beautiful right here. Let us join hands in solidarity now and commit to loving ourselves enough to trust our Inner Wisdom.


How do these statements feel to you? Might we have the beginnings of a Sensitive Soul Credo?

I am now willing to honour my feelings rather than ignore them. I will say yes when I mean yes and no when I mean no.

I love myself and my own company and ensure I take time in solitude to check in and see how I am feeling before I rush off and try to take care of anyone else.

I am worthy of the wonderful care I offer so generously to others, but have been withholding from myself thinking I was being selfish if I took even a few moments for me.

I am open to others ideas of what might be good for me, but I always check in with my Inner Wisdom before making my decisions because I am the one who lives with the consequences of the choices I make.

I connect with my Inner Child regularly because I can keep her/him safe now and I know that that younger part of me holds treasures of spontaneity and joy and love and creativity that can bless my life as an adult.

I am committed to being my most Authentic Self now and I will be seen and heard as it feels appropriate for me to share from my heart.


EmpathWays Truths - stop the bullshitI bet you could find more affirmations tailored to your life experience that celebrate who you are and how you wish to move through your world. You are an adult now. Give yourself permission to parent that sweet sensitive soul who was kept quiet or told to just ‘get a thick skin.’

More sensitives are being awoken at this time of planetary crisis. And it is necessary I believe.

Activists all over are calling bullsh*t – political systems, economic systems, environmental issues, educational programs and so much more. Here’s the thing though, they are burning out if they are only fuelled by fear and anger.

An Empowered Empath, however, who may feel called to help make changes locally or globally, knows that if s/he does it from a place of love there is a greater chance of creating a world where everyone is seen and heard. A place of unity consciousness where we are truly one. And that would be a beautiful thing to encourage, don’t you think?



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4 comments on “Paying any attention to your Inner Bullsh*t Meter right now?

  • YES! So much of what you have written speaks to me at this very moment. Thank you for writing this, and I love this new direction you are taking in your blogs. There is so much to learn from our own lives, and sharing your authentic self so that we may also awaken to the truth of what you write is the legacy you leave in this life. I look forward to awakening to your truth, which is my truth, which is the empath truth. <3

    • I really feel that Empaths are often the ‘canary in the coal mine’ in our everyday lives. When we say something is off.. it usually is. At least for ourselves.. but most often for everyone. Truth. Kindness. Integrity. The golden rule. Empaths LOVE these things and when we, or another, is not moving from the heart we feel it. DEEPLY!!! I appreciate your kind words about the blog as I am really walking my edge with some of these, but I figure if I give myself permission to truly share who I am then others will know it is safe to do so too. We shall all show up. And we will all shine. Yay! Many blessings, EagleSpirit

  • This message is very timely. Just yesterday I was speaking to two of my friends regarding a “situation” with another of our friends. None of us had so far been willing to say anything. I pledged to myself- and to my two friends – that I would speak up with my truth, the next time this “situation” arises with this other friend of ours. Thanks for your message. If we don’t speak our Truth, we put up with hidden emotions that get bottled up inside of ourselves. The saying, “The Truth will set you free” really applies here…our Truth will free us from the blocked energy and and physical symptoms that might follow from hiding our emotions. EagleSpirit, you do us a great service with these blogs.

    • So glad you are giving yourself the gift of freedom by speaking your truth. It will bless everyone, including yourself, in this situation I am sure! And thanks for reading the blog. Glad you are enjoying it. Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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