“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred.” ~ Walt Whitman

Day three was about exploring the empathic partnership you have with your physical body and as we continue this program, you will see how important connecting with your body in a nurturing and positive way can be in living a balanced, centred life.  Let’s get sensual shall we?  These sensual awarenesses help you understand what you need to feel good in the body.


Exercise – Day Four

Today you are invited to shift your awareness from your physical body to your surroundings to become more aware of your daily experience.

Experiment with noticing what you find sensually pleasing where you are located in that moment.

Take several deep breaths and then connect with your physical senses. Continue to breathe naturally, in a deep and relaxed way, as you connect more deeply to the physical sensations you are experiencing. 

Also, note why you are enjoying the sensation you are experiencing.  For example, you may be showering this morning, preparing for your day and in your moment of awareness you connect to the pleasing sensation of the towel you are using.  You may note that, ‘I like the softness of the towel because it is one way to be gentle with myself.’

Here are some suggestions about how you might connect with your physical senses during the day.  Remember to breathe into your awarenesses to connect more fully.

Look around you.  Is there a colour that catches your eye? What do you like about it?

What pleasing sound draws your attention and why?

Notice any physical sensation of pleasure – perhaps it is the feeling of something you are wearing, or the support of the chair on your back.  How does it bring you comfort or pleasure?

If you are enjoying something to eat or drink, take a moment and really notice how the food/drink tastes.  What do you like about it?  Does it remind you of another time when you have enjoyed this taste?  Finally, what scents bring you pleasure and where do you find them today?

Notice if you favour one physical sense over another to get feedback from your daily life.  Experiment to see if you can find pleasure in all of your 5 physical senses.

This is another great way to become present in the moment anywhere that you might be – in the office with clients, in line at the grocery store, waiting for your laundry to finish.  It brings your focus to an awareness of yourself (another gentle way to turn down the sense of being overwhelmed by others’ energies). In this exercise you may also become aware of new sensations you would like to include more in your every day life.  Too often empaths can focus on what some might call uncomfortable physical sensations.  Today, it is all about pleasure!


Affirmation- Day Four

It is safe for me to experience my empathy fully.  Through my breath, I release the fear of living too deeply.  I experience the pleasure of being in my physical body no matter where I am.  I am at peace.

One comment on “Sensually speaking …

  • There is a questionnaire I have had audiences do when I did presentations to groups relating to making life better and I’d like to share it with you as it relates with today’s topic. Answer the following questions:
    1. What is your favorite color?
    2. What is your favorite sound? Do you have specific music that you love or do you enjoy certain sounds of nature such as falling rain or song birds singing?
    3. What is your favorite food or drink? Do you have a favorite dish or flavor?
    4. What is your favorite scent? Do you love the smell of coffee, flowers or perfume?
    5. What is your favorite thing to look at? Is it a place, a sunset, or your pet?
    6. What is your favorite skin sensation? Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that is incredibly comfortable, or soft bedding?
    Look at your list and try to incorporate as many of these things in your daily life. By doing so you will be honoring your body and spirit. Daily pains and struggles will become easier and life will be more enjoyable.

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