Painting by Bernie Rosage Jr.

Painting by Bernie Rosage Jr.

Secret to share. There was something hypnotic about this morning’s ocean waves. I swear I was travelling across to the shores of Ireland again as I stood there for a bit while Bliss and Shanti played tug of war over their lighthouse toy. Suddenly Declan was singing in my head. Click here to transport yourself to Ireland with Declan O’Rourke’s  ‘Marrying the Sea’ performed in the Sean-nós tradition.

I thought to myself it was an Irish day. The rain. The mist. The recurring waves rushing to shore. There was no one else on the long stretch of beach and there was time to dawdle and think as the rain came down.
I thought about the many who had crossed the waters for a ‘better life.’ And I thought of the fisherman and sailors who still work and play in the grey rough waters that the tourists are never ’round to see. No matter the dangers or hardship they return day after day. It’s easy to come to the sea in the sunshine, but one’s soul has to call to get you there in this kind of weather. You can smile or shrug as you put on the layers of clothes and gear, but you can’t imagine doing anything else till you get to the sea.  And all the while the waters keep their secrets close as they continue to flow.
What is it that draws me to the shore, whether it be warm and aqua blue or bitter denim grey and windy with achingly cold waves that claw at the sand and rocks before sinking back down to the sea?
Sensitive souls need nature. It nurtures us as we return to fill up our cups. Sometimes it feels like a grander coming back to the well or source for inspiration when we connect to the magical water element. It can ripple or bubble or sway back and forth. From a trickling stream to the sureness of a calm lake or the mischievous ocean tides that play with rugged shores each of them carry good medicine.
As I breathe deeply in I see the waves roll forward and with each exhalation they wash away any tension and stress. With their gentle rhythm in the background my mind clears more easily and I once again become present. That is where our power is. In the present moment.
Like the waters we flow as well. Yes there may be obstacles to flow round, but we never get stuck. It only appears that way.
Sometimes slowing down and moving out of the rush of the river of life is a blessing. Eventually though, we join again with the river and we know in our hearts all rivers flow to the sea. And that sense of unity and rhythm steadies and calms us as we gather courage to venture out again and move from our soul’s knowing.
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    • So glad you enjoyed it Kathy. Sending more yummy energy your way as you enjoy your quiet time before you bust out and do something fabulous for yourself and your clients this week!

      Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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