“The body never lies.” ~ Martha Graham


Day one offered the opportunity to be aware of how often you ‘go on autopilot’. Autopilot was compared to a kind of sleepwalking through your day.

My question to you is this… each time you caught yourself on autopilot, what did you do? Did you become self-critical, or did you lovingly bring yourself back and go to the Grounding Checklist to use one of the grounding techniques. Were you able to reconnect with your Self? What did you feel like? Just notice this.

Well, now that you are able to feel the difference between being asleep and awake in your body, let’s get to Day Two. You can now take the most important step in become a Skilled Empath.

Give yourself permission to do the self-care you require.

Honouring the body with good self-care is important for everyone, but even more so for Empaths. We are receiving more information each day than the average person. It is important not to become overwhelmed, or worse yet, burn out! Burning out is not a sign of being a really caring Empath. We cannot help others if we do not take care of ourselves.

In fact, let’s look at the underlying belief that contributes to burn out… have to do it.

Ever heard yourself say, ‘but if I don’t take care of that (person/situation) who will?’

Sure, we have all said or thought that at some point. Taking action when we feel called to is important; however, do you really think you are responsible for everyone? (An Empath 101 participant once shared that her family confronted her about her martyr-ing ways and said … ‘Get off the cross, someone else needs the wood!’)

Being an Empath, a person with the spiritual gift to truly be able to understand/experience another, does not mean that you are responsible for everyone.

Our bodies are just like a water pitcher and we start full at birth. Especially as we mature, it is important to ensure that we stop and replenish our own systems so that we can be of service to others – in whatever way we feel is best.  One of the ways you can take care of yourself is imagining two volume knobs… one that is labeled ‘me’ and one that is labeled ‘everybody else’. Turning up the volume on your own systems allows you to more easily replenish yourself. You can also choose to turn up or down the volume of others’ energetic messages. (While some might say we can even turn it off permanently – I am not 100% certain of that. What I do know, however, is that we can change our focus totally which could feel like turning off the energetic information we receive). Remember?  This is what we talked about as being self-full on Saturday.


Exercise – Day Two

Today we are going to return to the body scan exercise to get even more information. When you have at least 15 minutes of quiet time, please do this body scan exercise. You will need a piece of paper and a pen to make some notes.

Take a moment to breathe and relax. Ground your energy using any of the techniques we have discussed. Then when you feel grounded and connected you may begin.

Scan all sides of the body, from the top of your head all the way down to the tips of your toes and notice any sensations that you come across. Where is the body feeling open and alive and receptive? Where is the body feeling heavy and closed and protected?

When you have done this, choose one of the areas where you sensed some tension. Check to make sure this sensation is yours, then proceed. With your dominant hand, write a question that would help you understand what information the body is holding. Then, with your non-dominant hand, answer the question.

For example, if you noticed some tension in your upper back when you did your body scan, you could write the question, ‘Middle back, I sense you are experiencing some tension, what is it that you would like me to know at this time? Then allow your mind to get quiet. Shift the pen into your non- dominant hand and allow the answer to flow. Be patient with yourself as you do this.

Once you have your answer, you may wish to continue the dialogue (with your dominant hand writing the question and your non-dominant hand writing the answers) until you find out the message the body is trying to convey. It may have some clear guidance about what it is needing at this time.

When you are finished receiving the information, do thank the body part for holding the sensations and ask for them to be released as gently as possible. (The Clearing Prayer could help speed that along for you.)

Your final step is to take action on what your body has communicated. Perhaps it has asked for some rest. Perhaps it has asked for more activity.  If you clear, but do not address the message from the energetic cue, the message may need to be presented in a “louder” way, so best get it as gently as possible right?

Work with this exercise to your level of comfort. Dialoging is another way to get information, besides the checking method. It provides more complete answers than the yes and no that you get from checking. You may wish to dialogue with each part of your body where you noticed any tension and make note of your findings.


Affirmation- Day Two

I listen lovingly to my body’s cues and feel the life and health in my body now. As I take loving care of my Self, I am better able to be of service to others when I choose to do so. I am in control of my empathy.

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