Super heroes often can fly and usually come with a cape. We know that because of the comic books and movies right? But we have real life superheroes around us all the time. People who go that extra distance. I just moved this week and was so grateful to several dear female friends who helped pack me and the dogs up and create a ‘consciousness caravan’ on down the highway to my new beach house that will be perfect for us all. GIRL POWER!


There may not have been superhero capes visible, but it sure felt like things were so smooth and easy. Hmmm.. just realized each of us are Empaths! Go figure. No wonder it was so darn easy!

Makes me think it is the perfect time to talk about Empaths and our Superhero capes.

Often Empaths are sporting a superhero cape. (And sometimes to our very own detriment). We forget that there is definitely a distinction between empowering someone and enabling them.  We know this as parents. After all at some point we take our hands away and let our toddlers walk. We take the training wheels off the first bicycle and let our children pedal away on adventures. And as they grow, we encourage them to journey out into the world and fly ahead of us and beyond their limiting perceptions of self. Why then, do we fail to do this with everyone else that we feel connected to?

Sometimes, the very kindest thing we can do for another is step back and say from our hearts, ‘I believe in you!’ And then cheer them on, rather than stepping in and ‘fixing’ a situation.


Wrestling with whether or not to step into a situation that might be another case of you flying your superhero cape? Ask yourself this question. Whose business am I in?  According to Byron Katie, there are 3 types of business – your business, everyone else’s business and God’s business. Before you leap in to save the day, CHECK! 1606904_10152656574223166_8374550034959061626_n


One of the most helpful tips I share in Empath 101 is the idea of checking and discernment. Always best to help when it is in the highest good.

  • Stops codependency.
  • Focuses on empowerment rather than enabling.
  • Allows you to really practice right action from your heart and without attachment to outcome.
  • It is pure love in action.

Need an easy way to formulate your checking question? Here is the key phrasing that works for most things you will want to check.


Is it in the highest good I _______ (insert action) on ______ (insert time.. what I call a date stamp).


Sending love out to all of my Empath and sensitive soul friends who want to make this a better world. I so appreciate how you are willing to step up and fulfill YOUR part in this divine dance! And while you are here, let’s celebrae16939d7ce074239f88017c23d08eed4te the call to service by acknowledging our everyday Superheroes too. Ready? 

I want to give you a chance to give a shout out to the Superheroes in your life (past and present) who have stepped in at the very best time to be of help to you! It could be a teacher, a friend, a family member.. or perhaps even a stranger who offered a kind word, or helped you in some way.

Fill in the blanks and post in the comment section below. 

I nominate _____________ as a Super Hero because __________.





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As the creator of Empath 101 Empowerment program she speaks to groups internationally, facilitates the month-long course that has changed lives and is often featured in the media for her grounded approach to spirituality.
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