Many sensitives these days are watching solar flare reports and “coincidentally” suffering some serious wellness issues. In fact, here is a neat youtube video I just found to watch, with discernment, to learn more about how they could be impacting you. Could be impacting you. And also there could  be a faulty correlation between the… Read More

Let go of the idea of vortexes only showing up in places like Sedona and Stonehenge. We have them all over the globe. There may even be one right close to you! Places hold energy. Sometimes it is from past owners or sometimes, if there is a vortex on the property, there can be a number… Read More

Who Really Needs Rescuing? You know we wear our hearts on our sleeves, us #SensitiveSouls, and we jump at the chance to rescue anyone or anything. Even when we aren’t asked. Oops! Red flag. Red flag. “Sensitive people care when the world doesn’t because we understand waiting to be rescued and no one shows up. We… Read More

You can read all the spiritual books, but honey without practical application your personality is going to continue with the struggle for control. It fears being out of a job if it is no longer needed to plan and prepare and prevent anything ‘out of the ordinary’ to happen. But that’s where the magic lies,… Read More

Spring has sprung and there is an eagerness to begin this next growing season, so here we go! Great news for Empaths working on boundaries and self-care. While others are still encouraging you to get a thick skin so you can fit in with the crowd or bubble yourself in white light so that you… Read More