Spring has sprung and there is an eagerness to begin this next growing season, so here we go! Great news for Empaths working on boundaries and self-care. While others are still encouraging you to get a thick skin so you can fit in with the crowd or bubble yourself in white light so that you… Read More

You are so much more than the physical body and when all is balanced and in alignment in your four energetic bodies…. WOW! There is so much you can accomplish by simply BEING you! As we celebrate today’s International Day of Non-violence it only seems fitting we discuss how becoming more ‘me-sponsible’ means practicing radical… Read More

Untold gatherings and tea dates with friends and encounters with strangers have often had uncomfortable pauses as they seem to try and re-arrange their masks when they feel I might be seeing them ‘naked.’ (Don’t get me started on fun family dinners!) But rest assured my friend, an Empowered Empath is not trying to peek… Read More