We collect people and things throughout our lives and then wonder why we are experiencing the same old, same old. Could it be because our arms are already full? LET GO! Let go of what no longer serves you. That macaroni painting you made in grade 3? Let it go. Your inner artist would love… Read More

We disconnect so many ways during our day. Sometimes rather deliberately too. In fact, different healing strategies suggest shielding is very necessary to survive the energetic onslaught that awaits you when you leave your door. But does anyone else see the problem with this? The very thing we say we wish.. a deep soulful connection…… Read More

Years ago I was very upset about the choices someone was making and the suffering he would cause both himself and others when a wise friend Joe told me, ‘well EagleSpirit you can’t save all the drowning puppies.’ I was shocked.   But in his own way Joe was explaining that a life of service… Read More

Spring has sprung and there is an eagerness to begin this next growing season, so here we go! Great news for Empaths working on boundaries and self-care. While others are still encouraging you to get a thick skin so you can fit in with the crowd or bubble yourself in white light so that you… Read More

His steel blue eyes shone bright from his brown wizened face that held stories of war and poverty and addiction. Whether is was the cigarettes or the sunshine that had turned him into a shrivelled version of himself, neither had numbed out the insights he had gathered and come to share. “You can’t save all… Read More

I would have loved to have been wrong so many times. Even after I saw the red flags, I would still move ahead with a relationship, or a job, or a living situation. Yes, my Empath’s Inner Bullsh*t Meter worked fine usually, but I ignored when the actions were definitely speaking louder than words. And it… Read More