Ever thought perhaps the guys in the Bible had it easier? I mean, there were burning bushes for heavens sake (pun intended). Burning bushes!!! They are our equivalent of a neon sign today that so many of us are seeking. Too busy to get out in nature and look for that brilliant bush, then get ye… Read More

If you are looking for love this Valentines, I am going to save you are whole lot of money and time and heartache! Stop everything and read this. Let’s get real about this whole loveability issue mmmk? There’s a lot of money being made at Valentines. Cards. Flowers. Chocolates. All for the sake of ‘love’.  In… Read More

Twas the night before Solstice … and a few nights before Christmas, but we can honour the holiday moments  together right? Does it really matter what holiday you are celebrating? Isn’t the key thing to acknowledge in our hearts core principles that cross religions and cultures? Truth. Love. Compassion. Creating a life of meaning. Heck I bet… Read More