Enjoy the freedom from energetic distractions and come back to a soul perspective. Was quick to get back to the beach after being inside a busy mall. Could have felt like being tossed about in a rocky boat if I wasn’t practicing great self-care like what I teach at Empath 101. #FocusOnFeelingGood #DontLetThemRockYourBoat #Walkshot #Dec11 There… Read More

Water represents the Emotional Body. Wonder if that is why we feel so darn good when we are by the water? Anything that is no longer in harmony with us is simply washed away as we walk along the shore. #BeachLife #ColourfulNSCoast #Walkshot #Dec9     There are many ways to get messages. Mine just… Read More

There is a season to everything. Let go of what is no longer in harmony with you. It’s ok to let go. #LetGo #MakeWayForYourGood #Walkshot #Dec8 “There are many ways to get messages. Mine just happen to come from my daily #walkshots seen on Facebook and now right here with you. Get your own inspiring… Read More

Doesn’t really matter if others are giving their approval dear. That is not what gives you that glow. What really makes you shine is when YOU give yourself permission to be all that you are. Shining from the inside out means no one can turn out your light. No one.   #ShineYourLight #PermissionToBeYou #Walkshot #Dec7 … Read More