“My fear and anxiety, which you know used to be crippling for me, has been lifted… it is amazing!!! Thank-you sooo much… you are doing a great service for the world when it is needed so desperately.”

Karen Leonard, Writer and Mother, Moncton, NB

“Yesterday I allowed myself to feel my grief and abandonment rather than trying to stuff it with food. I realized that there are residual body memories of my childhood. I just let it happen and gently released it. Do you know that since I got your tune up I have lost 7 pounds without really trying, but rather just letting it happen?”

Neechee, Empath and Reiki Practitioner, Fredericton, NB

“Thank you never seems enough for all you have done for me. I am getting in better health and have less problems in life. I no longer lose my temper and find the good in most everyone. My knees are much better and I no longer have problems getting up and down. I find that I am much more at peace with the world around me. Thank you. That is not near enough.”

Brian Gillcash, Retired, Minto, NB

“The moment I came to your home page on your website, I immediately relaxed… and I thank you for that gift. I feel it is no accident that we met today… and I am so grateful.”

Beth Temple-Holmes, RN and Wellness Coach, Chandler, AZ

“Journeying with EagleSpirit has been life changing for me…. The courage I now have to ‘live’ my life and trust my higher self’s guidance is the result of EagleSpirit’s passion and commitment to help others live their best life.”

Deanna Brewer, Burts Corner, NB

Growing up as an Empath , I have tried my whole life trying to act a certain way to avoid bullying and hurt. Over time I learned to curve around my feelings and wasn’t dealing with my fears…. In April 2011 I had met EagleSpirit at a book club meeting and decided to go for a session. I have been to a handful of sessions and I must say they have helped me a great deal and I have made big shifts. These shifts were easier to do because she made me feel safe. Nowadays, I feel free to be myself completely not just a version of myself. I feel that I have the power to shape my future. I am now dealing with my feelings and expressing them. All of these are gifts. These sessions even helped me let go of my many barriors that I was putting between people and myself. I highly recommend you at least try a session with ES if you feel called to, you won’t regret it. I am eternally grateful for her assistance.

NR, Accountant, Moncton, NB

“I’ve been thinking lately how glad I am that I took the Empath 101 course with you. Lately I’ve been using the checking system a lot and finding it very helpful. Getting some surprising answers… And realizing I am empathic has helped me to not take on other people’s pain… I didn’t even realize I was doing that before! So thank you for offering such a wonderful course!”

AM, Yoga Instructor, Riverview, NB

“I had the opportunity to take the Empath 101 course last year. I have to be honest I was afraid of what I would find out. I always felt different and felt deeply. Was there something wrong with me?
This course was liberating for me in so many ways.
I am now free to BE me at home, in my work and generally in life. The tools that Eaglespirit gave me during the course allow me to feel freely in all my energetic bodies and to know when something that I am feeling is not mine.
These are skills that every Empath needs to navigate this beautiful life and to live it deliciously.”

Elaine Shannon, TV Host and Producer of Simply Zen TV, Rothesay, NB

EagleSpirit is a beautiful soul who shared her gift with me one afternoon in Sedona. She knew I needed energy healing and balancing. She was aware of what I needed without me needing to say anything! While she worked with me, her hands naturally knew where I needed the healing and the heat from her hands worked miracles!! 🙂 She was able to communicate with my soul and shared important messages for me to continue my journey. I felt the effects of her work days after and I know she will forever be a part of me. I love her Spirit!

Karen Grove, Intuitive Life Counsellor, FL

2 comments on “Testimonials

  • I unexpectedly received the gift of energy healing tonight. I sat among a unique group of people gathered to share stories and experiences. Eaglespirit shared her story and blessed us with a song that resonated through my body. I’m still vibrating with energy. Thank you so much….I needed that.

    • Thank you so much Nick! I love how the EagleSpirit’s Song chant resonated so strongly for you. I really do feel it is intended to help each of us step up and live our most authentic life so that in turn our energies give others an unspoken permission to do the same. Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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