Ever thought perhaps the guys in the Bible had it easier? I mean, there were burning bushes for heavens sake (pun intended). Burning bushes!!! They are our equivalent of a neon sign today that so many of us are seeking. Too busy to get out in nature and look for that brilliant bush, then get ye to the internet where you will find many offering downloadable magic answers if only you purchase whatever the latest gadget or practice is that they have been blessed to share.
We might as well enjoy the weather right?
Your answers are within you

Your answers are within you

But wait a minute… what if you didn’t need someone to tell you what YOUR wisdom really is. What if you could go straight to the Source? Yep Dorothy, you really have ‘had the power all along , my dear!’ (I know I am mixing metaphors here, but darn it I am too excited to keep this secret anymore. I want everyone to know, not just my clients who work with me.)

 We might as well enjoy the weather right?
YOU ALREADY HAVE THE KEY TO YOUR ANSWERS and you do not need an external authority to provide it for you. While there may be no burning bush nor neon sign, trust me, YOUR answers are with you always!!
  We might as well enjoy the weather right?
You don’t need a go between. What you need is your direct connection to Spirit. It is a matter of accessing the information and practicing discernment. There it is. It’s out now. I’ve learned by trial and tribulation and I don’t want you to have to.
We might as well enjoy the we
Eventually over the last 20 years of my journey I traded in requests for burning bushes and neon signs for answers I can get quickly and easier anywhere that I am. Thankfully one of the key things that has been my go to has been nature’s medicine. Watching for the signs that come from the elements has given me a lot of AHA moments, It has also taken me from living as a stressed out Type A in a navy suit to being a woman who treasures each day and does her best to live it to the fullest! It’s ‘2 feet and a heartbeat’ at least twice a day to stay connected thanks to my daily dog walks. And when I am on the road with clients, I make getting out in nature a priority too!
  We might as we
“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”  John Muir
On the way up to Sedona to do a Spirit Quest Tour a couple of weeks ago, a fierce snowstorm had started but I was guided to drive on. I stopped for a few photos before the real twists and turns of 89A  began and where I knew it would be risky to pull over. I had a hunch it could be a white knuckled drive with few guard rails to stop a skidding vehicle, rising mist to limit visibility and a looming iced forest hanging over me. And after driving it, I was grateful that I had travelled ahead a day to check on things and could reroute my clients so that they could enjoy a safer drive up because even I was doing deep breaths for the 10 mile an hour drive winding up and over Mingus Mountain.

Cottonwood trees stretching  Photocredit: EagleSpirit

Cottonwood trees stretching Photocredit: EagleSpirit

In the valley below, the usual winter grey greens and rough browns of the area were being blanched whiter and whiter and I could not stop too many more times  before even the bright yellow centre line would  fade out from view. There were very few vehicles passing by as all the schools and many businesses had been closed for the day. Not even a plow had met me on the road yet, but Spirit pushed me on promising I would be safe.  
  We might as well enjoy the wea
One of the stops I was allowed to make was right in front of a gorgeous ranch I have always admired. Rows of marvellous cottonwood trees reaching up to the sky spring up from the high desert ground like a mirage. If you go by at just the right time you can admire the horses grazing in the fields that otherwise seem deceptively uninhabited.
Now imagine my surprise yesterday  when I had an aha about why Spirit had led me through that storm and stopped me there that wintry Arizona afternoon. I realized as I was editing  photos that my attention kept being drawn back to those fields. I was being reminded of Horse Medicine. 
 We might as well enjoy the weather right?

Exploring a sign that keeps showing up in a variety of ways is important

 We might as well enjoy the weather right?

I won’t bore you with details about my secret prepubescent plans to either a. marry a horse or b. at least have one as a pet in the 2 bedroom apartment I lived in with my Mom and younger sister. (Oh dear, tell me I am not the only one who has always loved these majestic animals.) Instead, I want to share with you some of the reasons why horses have fascinated many cultures for many centuries and just what horse showing up now for you – you are reading this blog after all – could mean.  

 We might as well enjoy the wea We might as well enjoy the wea

Could you be needing Horse Medicine too?

According to Ted Andrews in his wonderful “Animal Speak” book,  “the horse enabled people to explore and find freedom from the constraints of their own communities.  This enabled them to travel and thus discover the multiplicity of life and all of its powers…. Horses were given powers of divination.  More than one legend speaks of the clairvoyance of horses and their ability to recognize those involved in magic.  They are symbols that can express the magical side of humans…. It can represent movement and travel, or maybe it showed up to help you with the movement.  It has been a symbol of desires – especially sexual…. The taming of the stallion would then be the taming of sexuality and dangerous emotions.” (281).

 We might as well enjoy the weather right?

Take special note of these reflections questions that he includes in his section on horses. “If a horse has shown up in your life, it may be time to examine aspects of travel and freedom within your life.

  • Are you feeling constricted?
  • Do you need to move on or allow others to move on?
  • Is it time to assert your freedom and your power in new areas?
  • Are you doing your part to assist civilization within your own environment?  Are others?
  • Are you honouring what this civilization has given you?

Horse brings with it new journeys.  It will teach you how to ride into new directions to awaken and discover your own freedom and power”

(Ted Andrews, Animal Speak, 282)
Arizona Horses   Photo credit: EagleSpirit  We might as well enjoy the weather right?
 We might as well enjoy the weather right?We might as well enjoy the weather right?
 Horses represent freedom and power both and as much asthey are rooted to the earth many have felt their magic and healing. Only in looking back in this moment, watching and listening to the images did I realize they were preparing me for an awakening to a new direction that would come during that Sedona journey. Once again I would surrender to the flow of the energy and act as a guide and facilitator for clients, but it would open all of us up to a greater level of understanding.
This horse shot had been mesmerizing me all day because it was an invitation for reflection. Nature photos often provide teachings if I will pay attention. As I looked closer my gaze went soft and I began to feel into the photo. It was an opportunity to reflect on how and why I travel. 
 We might as well enjoy the weather right?
 We might as well enjoy the weather right?
Reflecting on Horses’ Travelling Message
  We might as well enjoy the weather right?
Why do I travel? I travel because the earth’s energies activate gifts lying dormant within me as I deepen my connection to my most Authentic Self. Sometimes it is soul retrievrun wild and freeal work reconnecting to  past life memories needed to help me be more productive and powerful now. And sometimes it is to do deep healing as energetic hooks that have anchored repeating patterns into my system are dissolved and replaced with choices that are more in alignment with my most Authentic Self.
 We might as well enjoy the weather right?
I travel because  need to continue to feel that even though this earth hosts a vast variety of cultures and climates that on a very deep level we are all connected if only through a passing smile or a hug to a stranger. I grew up with a suitcase in hand because my Father worked for Air Canada. I was always so proud of the work he did and the world traveller status I could take on at an early age navigating airport security with my little sister in tow and gathering a pretty nifty collection of airplane lapel pins by age 15.
  We might as well enjoy the weather right?
Maybe the other reason I travel is because much like the horse there is a wild and untameable nature within me that needs to be reminded that she is always free and that she comes to relationships and situations by choice rather than by default.
Wishing you many moments of peace and joy
Wishing you many moments of peace and joy as you journey through your day, perhaps with the wind in your hair and a secret smile on your lips because you too have a bit of Horse Medicine wrapped round you always.
  We might as well enjoy the weather right?
Today’s Reflection Invitation 
 We might as well enjoy the weather right?
Take a few quiet moments with pen and paper and reflect on what travel symbolizes for you. Could it relate to changes you are being called to make  in your life? You may also want to take time and connect with Horse Medicine. What meaning can you find in horse showing up for you today?
Wishing you many moments of peace and joy 
Post your insights in the comments section down below.
 We might as well enjoy the weather right?
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