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While unexpectantly climbing a mountain … sure I knew I had planned a hike for the Spirit Quest Tour group I led to the green and gorgeous County Kerry in Ireland, but our 1 1/2 hour hike up Conor Pass turned into a 3 hour tour with spectacular views of both Dingle and Brandon Bay!!

Anyways, while climbing up that mountain, each time one of us would call out to our local guide Gene Courtney , ‘how much further?’, he would always reply, ‘just a wee ways up ahead,’ and on we would plod. Gene, a Dingle poet, former town Baker and a hoot and a half when sharing his hiking passion shepherded us up that mountain despite ourselves.

It was a challenge to focus. Heck, it was a challenge to BREATHE!!

But between Gene’s encouragement and storytelling finesse and the determined focus of the 2 sisters who were on the journey to celebrate one of them having a year cancer-free, there was no way our group could stop until we got to the top. Our commitment to the journey was celebrated with huffing and puffing, hoops and hollers and a pause for photos.


Sometimes that is the part of our life’s journey we are missing. The celebration.


Often it is because we have given up on our goals, got sidetracked along the way, got derailed by trying to get things perfect before we start or, worse yet, never moved from wishing to co-creating with Spirit.


There is no manual for how your life ahead looks.  You can’t even compare yourself to the ‘you’ others have told you about. When you visit your favourite psychic reader they can only provide you with potential outcomes based on the current choices you are making. And frankly you are robbing your own energy when you compare your journey with that of another. You deny the divine perfection of  your Spirit by trying to make your life ‘look perfect.’


“The best part of the journey is the surprise and wonder along the way.”  Ken Poirot


Heck, what if some of the gorgeous slips and slides up your personal mountain are the very best bits of your journey? (If they aren’t learning opportunities, surely they will make for great stories when you tell the tales of your latest adventure right?)


Please remember that we are all fellow travellers with lessons to learn, experiences to explore and stories to share. The question is, how do you wish to journey through your days?


life journey quotes (7)

No matter what challenge you are facing, stay focussed. And my suggestion would be.. stay focussed on the feeling of what it is you wish to experience.

A long time ago I decided to surrender and co-create with Spirit. I was done with blue suits and networking and trying to make things happen. My body had accumulated way to much stress and I had become ill. It reminded me of Marianne Williamson sharing in her book, “A Return to Love” how she decided at one point that since things were so difficult in her life she would pray. And because she found herself kneeling so often, she just decided she would stay that way… metaphorically.


Co-creating with Spirit, consciously making your life a prayer in action, can allow you greater focus and compassion with the Self and others.


You go from that little engine chugging along, “I think I can, I think I can,” to someone walking with your head high taking each step forward on your journey from a place of faith and confidence.Remember that the next time you see a ‘mountain’ ahead of you.


Connecting within to be sure you are on YOUR path…

Get quiet and connect to that Wise Woman or Wise Man part of you. The one who communes daily with Spirit and not only prays for guidance but actually follows it.

Ask for guidance on a particular personal mountain that you are now approaching.

Listen deeply and make notes if necessary in case you get yourself overwhelmed thinking of the task ahead.

Remember this is not the first mountain you have climbed.

You can do this.

(And if you need some extra encouragement, imagine Gene in the sweetest Irish accent batting his eyes at you saying, ‘just a wee ways up ahead,’ trusting that you are going to LOVE THE VIEW from the top.)


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2 comments on “We are all fellow travellers…

  • When I look back at my life so far I see a lot of the mountains that I’ve climbed to get to where I am today. Despite my failures and shortcomings, I realize that I am truly blessed and grateful for what I have and what I’ve accomplished. My story is a great story and I’m not done writing it yet.

    Thanks to you Eaglespirit, my worries and uncertain feelings have greatly diminished as I accept my role here and my existence to spread love and happiness to those around me. We all have a purpose and I believe it to be divine.

    • I LOVE that Julius. I agree, ‘we all have a purpose and I believe it to be divine.’ All the more reason to stay grounded and connected so that we can move through our lives from that space. Makes the mountains so much easier to climb when you ‘faith it!’

      Way to go!

      Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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