“And You? When will you begin that long journey into Yourself?” -Rumi

Often we ‘go on autopilot’ as we go about our day and this is when we unconsciously shift our awareness to outside of ourselves. We float and energetically merge at random, instead of moving through our days from a grounded self-aware place that puts us back at choice.

This week, you will be bringing your conscious awareness back to your own physical body periodically during each day. Standing in your power, feeling grounded and fully connected can be your natural way of being as you become a skilled Empath. (It also makes it way easier to discern what is in your highest good when you are choosing to do some checking.)


Exercise – Day One

This is a fun way to see if you are aware of your body and grounded, or if perhaps you are unconsciously merging energetically as you shift your attention and identify with a person, place or thing.

Have you heard the phrase, ‘Pinch me I must be dreaming!’? When we are focused on everything external to us, it is like going through the day in a dream state. We are not really aware of our own feelings, perceptions and choices.  Instead, as Empaths we are being carried along by others’ feelings, perceptions and thoughts. Time to wake up from the dream.

When you catch yourself feeling ‘asleep’ or getting really caught up when speaking with another, PINCH YOURSELF. Yes it is as simple as that today. A quick pinch (remember #10 on the grounding list?) to wakeup and reconnect with your own body. We are not talking something painful here, just a gentle, inconspicuous signal from yourself to say,’ hey, wakeup and be with me.’

If you want something even less noticeable to anyone around you, try toe wiggling! During a meeting with your co-workers, or standing in line in a store – wiggle your toes. The intent today is to gently bring your awareness back to your own body.

Play with this exercise several times today and make note of your findings in the comment section below or even more easily right to our private/secret Facebook group that I invited you to yesterday.


Affirmation- Day One

I delight in being in my body. It is safe to connect to all of my feelings and awarenesses. I give myself permission to experience my life as a skilled Empath now.

5 comments on “Week One – The Physical Energetic Body – Getting off Autopilot

  • I am finally in and am reading day one…… as I read about being present in myself…..I remembered how disengaged I am as I give medications. I have at least 37 residents and they all have at least 5 medications as well as puffers and narcotics…… it is a lot to keep together….. When the CCA’s stop me and ask me something I ask are they dying? Can they breath? Any bleeding? I tell them to come back when I am done. Once the train of thought is gone that is when I make mistakes… I will try and be present the rest of the time….my exercise for this week

    • Such neat awarenesses about patient safety and the power of presence Jeannine! Your patients are very lucky that you take such good care of them. I love that you are intending on bringing that same level of care to YOU! <3 EagleSpirit

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