Who ever told you that to be successful you needed to be serious was.. frankly.. wrong. In fact you are more likely to be successful if you are following your passion, or at the very least loving what you are doing no matter what it is.

Just what type of sign are you looking for dear before you leap into your life with a joy for life rather than walking round on autopilot?


Fortune cookie play


“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” Diane Ackerman


Once you have embraced passion in your work life, would it be possible perhaps to bring it home with you too? What the heck are you saving the good china for anyways? Eat off it! Let the kids sit on the good furniture. They are not young and cuddly and cute for all that long. The pb&j stains will come off the sofa. Trust me. Love them Unknown-1and love yourself too by enjoying the moment.

Too often you get got up in your ‘shoulds’ about what you need to accomplish or how you need to look or behave, but my goodness there is so much more to you! Trust your process. Honour your journey. All is well.

I remember writing my college Valedictorian speech. It had props, a sight gag, a top 10 list (David Letterman was at his height of popularity at the time) along with the ‘shoot-for-the-moon-because-you-will-always-end-up-in-the-stars’ big finish. There was no way I was going to keep it serious. Little did I know it would be years later that I would be doing Inner Child work and my younger self would take all the credit for that inspiring and creative bit of comedy.

No matter what our age or stage, our Inner Child is coming along and s/he can do it with a tantrum or a tada. We have a choice. If we honour our inner playful self then it will be way more fun and creative. If we don’t, our little one may choose to act out to get our attention or worse yet stay hidden in the background silenced by our unwillingness to pay attention.


Four Fun Tips for Accessing Your Inner Child

1. Get in the game – Give yourself permission to play. Online is fun and a great way to build a virtual community. Another great choice? Join a pickup basketball league or try drawing a hopscotch game on the pavement at your office and challenge your coworkers to a game at lunch. Let the fun begin.

2. Get your giggle on – Find what images-1feels funny and enjoy it. Cartoons from your childhood. One liner jokes. Watch an old Eddie Murphy SNL skit or (oh my goodness yes) a rerun of Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory. You do not need to be serious all the time my friend. Remember, laughter is the best medicine.

3. Eat that ice-cream treat – Remember the foods you loved as a kid that your adult/parent would say no to today. Go out and treat yourself. Your little one will love it! (Halloween is just around the corner so there are even some old fashioned sweets in the grocery store. *squee*)

4. Reach for the crayons – One of the most popular anti-stress tools these days is the colouring book craze that you are seeing everywhere. Memories of our childhood when things were simpler plus a chance to express our own creativity without fear of judgement. And gosh darn it, colour outside the lines if you feel like it… you really are the boss of you now!


Ok so ready for today’s game? Find one fun thing today to do and tell us about it in the comments below. Best post gets a gold star!


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One comment on “What if it is all fun & games?

  • Hella Hella Yes! I love “No matter what our age or stage, our Inner Child is coming along and s/he can do it with a tantrum or a tada. We have a choice.” We sure do, thanks!

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