We need to be aware of what’s going on within us and around us, but we don’t want to carry others’ emotional baggage. This is the challenge many Empaths express when we start talking about burning questions. If you ignore the subtle energetic cues, it is rather like experiencing a small percentage of your daily life. While it might seem less complicated, to experience the way a non-Empath experiences life, for you as an Empath it just doesn’t work well.

Unknown-2Choosing to ignore your sensitivities means you are missing valuable information that could help you enjoy your life more fully. Like the iceberg, which lives more than 87 % below the surface, you too have so much more going on. (Truth be told, non-Empaths have a great deal going on below the surface as well.)

Instead, connecting to YOUR emotions.. and indeed all of the energetic cues you are receiving,  can change your experience of your empathic Self!! Let’s go back to the Sunday Intensive for a moment so we can explore this.

As we worked in groups, you may have felt some energetic merging. Some of us were moved to tears when others spoke from their hearts. And wow, did you notice how at lunch the laughter and enthusiasm spread around the house? Those are great example of unconscious energetic merging.

We are always connected and impacted by other people’s energies. This can be yummy in a group of fellow sensitives, but could present a challenge, as Kim noted, when we are in a less warm and fuzzy group. With that in mind, much of the program so far has been on how to maintain the integrity of one’s own energetic fields so that we don’t unconsciously merge energetically like what you IMG_0010experienced at the Intensive.

While we have not talked about energetic protection, I have a sense there may still be some question about whether you will be able to return to your Self when you identify that you are out and about in others’ fields. So, for today, let’s talk about intentionally merging energetically. There actually can be a great purpose to do this with integrity (when you have permission).

As I mentioned in class, being an Empath is a spiritual gift. Underlying the gift is the intent for service and this can show up in many ways. At times, choosing to energetically merge with another, to truly stand in someone else’s shoes, can be a great act of service. Our attuned awareness can lead us to take action from our hearts, rather than our heads.

Consciously merging with another is very different from being pulled from your centre and disconnecting from your source. And it is important for you to know that you can return to your own fields easily and safely.


Exercise – Day Three

In today’s exercise we will safely merge with another’s energy to experience empathically what it is like for them. To ensure that it is as gentle as possible for you, please choose a newspaper article, something that is unrelated directly to your life.



Take 5-10 minutes in a quiet spot where you will be undisturbed. Read the article you have chosen as you would regularly.

Then, reread the article, this time feeling how the people in the article might be feeling. Check to see that you have permission to energetically merge with them – respect for others is very important for the Empath. Then, when you have permission, really connect to them on a feeling level – this is your conscious energetic merge.

Perhaps you have read a birth announcement and are experience the family’s joy, perhaps you reading about a business opening and are experiencing what the entrepreneur is feeling, perhaps you chose a decorating article and are really connecting with how beautiful the new room looks now that is has been cared for

Once you have been able to consciously merge with the other person’s energy, bring yourself back to awareness of your Self.

Notice how you are feeling in this moment. Is part of you still feeling what the other is feeling or are you fully aware of yourself? If you are feeling a bit spacey, use one of your grounding techniques to reconnect on a physical level and then return to check in with your emotional body.


Affirmation- Day Three

In every moment I am at choice. I consciously choose when to use my empathic gifts and merge with another.



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