Jazz hands - living your life fearlesslyJazz hands has become my theme for the weekend as I celebrate moments. Usually I am doing it from behind a camera, or after a session and reflecting on the neat insights clients get on the table. But this weekend there are going to be a lot of special moments and I am going to be present to each of them so that I can celebrate them with gratitude.

Too often we miss the little moments that sparkle and shine briefly because we are too busy getting somewhere or getting something accomplished and so they fizzle like shooting stars. There seems to be a fear of slowing down and so we rush ahead. But oddly enough, slowing down has made the world of difference in my catching special moments. And I am so much more content when I pay attention to all of the little things that are working well in my life or when someone I know or even read about does something pretty special. Some sort of kindness can inspire me to find a new way to share. I LOVE that stuff! And I celebrate it! Tada!

I am not interested in collecting things or people or even memories at this point (the advantage to being over 50 that no one tells you about), but I am totally open to more opportunities to get out the jazz hands. Where the jazz hands come in are when my heart does an extra flip as I reflect with gratitude about how lucky I am to live an inspired life.This surrendering to what is that I once resisted really is rather miraculous. I am still shocked at how radical it all once seemed. I am becoming a human BE-ing and have said a quiet goodbye to the human DO-ing I once was. Yay!

I will celebrate many mmaxresdefaultoments rather than wait for a biggie because the little ones add up to so much more in the grand scheme of things. In fact, in a zen-of-now type consciousness the little things take up the whole screen of my life’s movie that plays before me with just as much panache as particular life highlights that folks often point to. I can celebrate a great parking space or a particularly beautiful sunrise or seashell, just as much as a birthday or anniversary or some other neat event that may only come around once in a blue moon.


“Banish the word “struggle” from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Elders of the Hopi Nation

All of the “struggles” you have faced could be reframed as learning opportunities. I had one friend who had a jazz hands approach to things that troubled him. Oh yay, he would sigh, I am in the FLOW again! And what did he mean by that?

F – F’ing (I prefer to say fabulous as it does give it a certain sparkly twist to it all!)

L – Learning

O – Opportunity

W – Wow!

The very things that seem challenging usually end up teaching us things don’t you find? I bet if you looked back at how far you have come you would have a few ‘being in the FLOW’ type moments that you could celebrate with jazz hands rather than criticism don’t you think?


So here I am, the night before another big holistic fair as I am writing this where I am about to launch my new set of Inner Nature reflection cards. JAZZ HANDS! In some way I have been preparing for this my whole life. Best celebrate it then I figure. And darn it I will nap later at the end of the day tomorrow because spending this time with you has meant the world to me. Air Hug? (It’s like jazz hands, but not so splashy 🙂 )


You too have accomplished some pretty neat things. And many of them have taken the courage to get out of your comfort zone. Let’s honour those special moments right here and now (and then get ready to take the next step FEARLESSLY because we are in the FLOW!

What are you celebrating? Tell us down below in the comments section and prepare for some jazz hands my friend!


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