Ask for what you need and believe you will receive that or something even better that is in the highest good for all. Your job is to be clear about what you want and then, by listening deep to that still small voice within, taking the next step asUnknown you are guided.

May I give you a suggestion about this type of abundance thinking that can take it from feeling a bit “Law of Attraction-y” to a more practical and pragmatic place? Go for the feeling rather than going for the stuff.

Truly it is not the stuff that gives you the good feeling, it is the good feeling that allows you to enjoy what is currently in your life and the neat thing is when you are vibrating at that level, more things/experiences/people that you can love and praise and be grateful for appear. Even the experiences that in the past might have left you feeling vexed!! From a place of peace everything feels rather perfect and divine.

From a place of peace it is easier to enjoy this process of manifesting what is in the highest good… for everyone. There is no need to try and see the whole picture or control any outcomes. Instead you can delight in the experiences presefollow your heart crystal clearnted to you. When you listen within and follow your heart, your path becomes crystal clear.

If you are approached by someone in need, you listen within to see what your soul is calling you to do and then take action from that place knowing that there is no better or lesser than. We are one. Truly there is a sense of grace in being open to give and to receive, when you are moving from a soul perspective.

There is this amazing flow of energy of reciprocity. We are called to give. We are called to receive. Both acts bless each of us when we participate. There must be a flow as we can not give (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and leave ourselves empty. Nor can we give without receiving. And very importantly, if someone is trying to give to you, and it is in your highest good to receive, do so. You are blessing the giver who is wishing to share his/her love and act of kindness.

One other helpful tip around peace and prosperity that takes it from an ordering system to an interactive experience? You have to truly show up. When we ask for help to change our situation (in our prayers or thoughts) it is important to get out there so Spirt can connect us with others who are being guided to answer the call.

So let’s review 4 tips for creating a life you love (ok that might have sounded a little New Age-y, but you know what I mean).

1. A need cannot be met if it is left unexpressed. Have you ever hesitated to ask for help? Why/why not? Do you have a great story to share of how your prayers/request for help have been answered?

2. You can’t possibly receive if you don’t show up in your life. No more woulda’/shoulda’/coulda’ing. That keeps you in your head and you need to be present to embrace what is with complete acceptance. Remember that old saying, ‘The past is history, the future a mystery, THE GIFT IS IN THE PRESENT!’

3. Receiving blesses both the Giver and Receiver. It is ok to want more ________ (peace, joy, happiness, generosity, etc.) in your life.

4. Go for the feeling rather than the stuff. Spirit could surprise you with an experience that is beyond your limited thinking. You are changing as you continue your journey and may be even more delighted with something (or someone) that you have not previously considered.


Ok. Ready to takimages-1e on your day now with sense of anticipation of all the good you are receiving? Excellent.

Take a nice deep breath and repeat after me, ‘I am open and willing to receive my good now.’

Down below in the comments section, please let me know how that affirmation feels to you. And if you have some more prosperity and peace thoughts or more affirmations to share with other readers please add those too! Together we are stronger.

Many blessings, EagleSpirit



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