Cliff Palace at UNESCO world heritage site, Mesa Verde Photo credit: EagleSpirit

Don’t get stuck in past life processing! Your point of power is in the present moment. I am sure that is what the Park Ranger was telling me in his own way.

‘If you have been here in the last 500 years, nothing has changed except you and I.’ Quite profound for a Forest Park Ranger, but that is what he said to me as I purchased my ticket to enter Mesa Verde in Colorado. And he was right. This is why doing Soul Retrieval work fascinates me. We can not receive new information without it changing us somehow. 

It is not to be done lightly.
And it is only to be done when it Forget this info-tainment approach to healing work.

Sorry sweetheart, you will never be the Queen of Sheba or a handsome cowboy on the range in Settler times again.
You are here. Now.
And that is good.
The challenge is to be a full expression of who you truly are IN THIS MOMENT.

And one more spoiler alert? We can never recreate experiences from this lifetime either. Even if we return to the same spot and try! I dated a fellow once who explained how he always made a certain steak and shrimp dinner and took his dates to a certain park, etc. etc. And you know he always expected a similar end to the evening right? Poor Romeo was awfully disappointed to find out I was a vegetarian who was not getting with his program. Pattern disrupt!



Moral of the story? You can’t go back and that is a good thing.
You don’t need to get stuck in patterns.
Things get a whole lot juicier when you stop looking forward and CLAIM YOUR CREATIVE POWER! And if you are going to be doing any Soul Retrieval work, be sure to choose a practitioner whose focus is to help you gather the gifts from the experience to help you now.

Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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