Ready for a sneak peek at our Spirit Quest Tour Itinerary?



Listed below is a tentative itinerary; however the more intimate size of the group allows for tailoring the day’s activities to the individuals attending. Spirit is working with our souls to ensure we have the deepest experience possible.


Wednesday May 17 – Day One

Land in Phoenix where your private shuttle will be waiting for you. Enjoy a scenic drive to Sedona to settle into your room here at the Quail Crossing. 


You can relax in the jacuzzi as you unwind from your travel here or sit out on the patio overlooking the golf green to take in the gorgeous views while you enjoy snacks and refreshments that will be waiting for you.

qc-dr-01-largeA special south western Welcome Dinner created just for our group by our personal chef will be the official start to a magical week of learning and laughter on this Soul Whispers in Sedona Spirit Quest Tour.

After dinner we will begin with opening activities to create clear intentions for our time together.  Don’t be surprised if some of your guides come to visit with messages. This Spirit Quest Tour has been a divine appointment for each of us and there is much to share!

Bless you

Thursday May 18 – Day Two

Spirit Bears ~ Fractal Art by Duane Red Wolf Miles

Spirit Bears ~ Fractal Art by Duane Red Wolf Miles

The morning is going to be electric as you have your personal session with local Healer and Artist, Duane Red Wolf Davis. He will reveal your personal Sacred Soul Fractal Art Piece that he has been working on since you booked your stay with us. 

This piece will be used for your activation and provide continued inspiration when you return home. To ensure that this transition forward to where your dreams are made manifest is does easily and smoothly he will be assisting you using Timeline Therapy.

IMG_0884Then, after a hearty lunch we will be off to your first Vortex visit.

 At Redrock Crossing you will be able to leisurely stroll alongside Oak Creek to visit some of the most photographed views of Cathedral Rock and experience the power of the vortexes of Sedona.

There will be time to meditate and the opportunity to explore your connection to the land in this area.

After dinner there will be a relaxing guided meditation to help you further ground your energies and connect to the sacred red rocks of Sedona.


Friday May 19 – Day Three

After breakfast we are diving deep on Friday with EagleSpirit. Time to explore the mind – more specifically the connection between the intellect and the intuition. Learn about the path of discernment that will make it easier to ‘think with the heart and love with the mind.’  Find your personal method of accessing your Inner Wisdom and learn how to ask the clearest questions so that you can get helpful information to make decision making much easier.

Teachings about the pineal gland/third eye and how you can expand your conscious and energetic connection to your soul and gain clarity on your path come next.

After we enUnknownjoy another gorgeous meal prepared by our private chef, there will be free time after lunch to relax and then later in the afternoon we will be off to the breathtaking Chapel of the Holy Cross.  

In 2007, Arizonans voted the Chapel to be one of the Seven Man-Made Wonders of Arizona, and it is also one of the most popular vortex sites to visit. People of all faiths come to spend time in the quiet chapel and take photos of the amazing views that it commands. 

The vortex energy here is very powerful! Allow yourself to relax and take in all that you are receiving energetically. Then  in the evening, enjoy another guided meditation to relax your body, mind and spirit.


Saturday May 20 – Day Four

A yummy southwestern breakfast and then it is off to visit with Healer and Author, Lori Morrison to get to the heart of things. Lori Morrison is a spiritual concierge taking you beyond the veil of understanding into the energy matrix of the soul’s journey. In her new teachings she gathers mayan wisdom, the sacred tree of life and cutting edge technology to balance the mind, body and soul. By clearing the “lasagne” of layers and layers of limiting beliefs and cultural conditioning she gracefully guides the soul smack into the center of the heart. There, through resonance testiIMG_0591ng you are placed into alignment with a higher vibrational frequency for creating a life of infinite possibilities. Put on your seatbelt and get ready for a quantum leap into the emergence of the real you!!

In the afternoon, after lunch we will venture out on another private tour that will be decided by the energy of the group and then there will be time to relax again. 

You may wish to bring a journal with you to keep up with all of the aha moments you are collecting on your Spirit Quest Tour. There will be many touch points to help you carry back the higher vibration you are connecting to in this special area.

After dinner, EagleSpirit will help you integrate the energetic experiences you have had with a powerful group meditation and energetic attunement. Sleep will come easy this evening which is great because Day Five starts early enough to catch a gorgeous red rock sunrise from a new vantage point.




Sunday May 21– Day Five

Time to soar to new heights beginning with an optional sunrise meditation up at the Airport Vortex. After a yummy breakfast, you will be invited to connect more deeply to the flow of your soul’s path as yoIMG_2262u become one with the water element today. 

It’s off to Montezuma’s Well, a mysterious ‘bottomless’ source of water that has fascinated and served native peoples for thousands of years. We will relax under the shade of the cool trees at the source of the well and learn of the creation story connected to this sacred location.  Montezuma’s Well also provides a perfect opportunity for a Heart Chakra activation.

Then in the afternoon after lunch, you will have time for relaxation and reflection. Perhaps a walk on one of the trails close by, writing time out on the patio or a Jacuzzi and sunbathing. You choose!

Or, if you prefer, why not make an afternoon trip into Sedona? Let EagleSpirit show you some of her favourite spots. While we are in Uptown Sedona,images you can enjoy free time strolling through the shops, galleries and cafes at Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village.  Or perhaps you will be drawn across the road to one of the most marvelous crystal shops you will find in the area.

If shopping is not what is calling you, you can relax along the creekside or in one of the unique cafes to unwind before the evening’s activities.

After dinner we will gather together again with EagleSpirit to explore the Emotional Energetic Body and the information it holds for you with a peaceful meditaiton. And then there will be time to sit outside to take in the amazing night sky and connect to the cosmos.


Monday May 22 – Day Six

Enjoy time for rest and reflection this morning as you integrate the healing energies of Sedona.  

After a wonderful healthy luIMG_6193nch, get your walking gear on because we will be off to sacred sites and a magical Medicine Wheel experience with our guide Clint Frakes. Today is all about connecting in the physical.

Moving from the land energies experience to embracing your physical energies is the focus for the day. 

Integrating the powerful energies you have experienced and honouring the activations you have received is key so that you can carry home the energy of Sedona and integrate it into your everyday routine.

Following dinner, EagleSpirit will be leading you in a sacred Golden Light Meditation that can be used to nourish and nurture the body.  And then we will end our evening with a powerful closing ceremony. This could be a great time to use your drums or rattles if you have brought them on your journey.


Monday May 23– Day Seven

An early travel breakfast will be ready for you if you are leaving on an early flight back. But if you have time, please stay and enjoy a hearty Southwestern breakfast and then say goodbye to your Sedona hideaway. Your shuttle will be waiting to take you back down through winding roads and canyons to Phoenix. This time; however,  you will see the stunning desert scenery with fresh eyes and you will feel even more deeply connected to it and to your soul as you prepare to travel homeward.

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am so pleased that I can share one of the most sacred spots on the earth while also inviting you to connect more deeply with your inner wisdom. The soul-nourishing energies here and the pampering and healing work that the Spirit Quest Tour provides will ensure that this is a trip of a lifetime. 

Many blessings, EagleSpirit