Unmasked: Connecting to your Inner Wisdom through Art, Energy Work and Meditation

Can you feel that pull? You are being called now to take your place and to do that you need to be able to easily to tap into your hidden wisdom and power. It lays dormant deep within you and awaits awakening. During this healing arts retreat you will rekindle your soul connection so that you can thrive on your soul’s path.

You can no longer hide behind the social masks you have worn or the roles you have played. Come to Sedona and bring out the brave part of you that is ready to honour his/her truth now.

Sedona’s magical red rocks have drawn people for thousands of years for healing and initiation. It’s your turn now.

Access the healing power of Shamanic Mask Making

Over the 5 day retreat you will be diving deep to reclaim aspects of yourself that are needed now to fulfill your soul’s purpose. Access your power, your creativity and your inner wisdom through meditation and shamanic work with Contemporary Shaman, EagleSpirit. Learn about the healing powers of masks. Work with Healer and Artist, Duane Red Wolf Miles to create your personal mask to bring home with you after we have activated that aspect in a sunrise ceremony.

Included in this Sedona Spirit Quest Tour:
 A private Soul Retrieval session with EagleSpirit
Creative arts exercises to explore the masks that limited you in the past
Mask Making workshop with Duane Red Wolf Miles to call forth your inner wisdom and create your Shamanic Mask to fulfill your soul purpose
Sacred Mask Initiation and Ceremony
Daily Meditation time
Daily guided walks on the land to connect to the vortex energies
Private house concert with Sedona flute player Jesse Kalu
Closing ritual to integrate your reclaimed energies
Group transportation during entire retreat 
Accommodations at our Sedona Retreat house in the Chapel District
All of your meals during your entire stay prepared by our Personal Chef

NOT INCLUDED: Airfare and travel to Sedona. (We have helpful shuttle and car rental information so that you can travel comfortably to your Sedona Retreat.) Additional decorating supplies beyond what is provided. (We will have an outing to a local indigenous craft supplier to pick up additional crystals or feathers.)

Please note this is a Sacred Healing Retreat that is substance free to support the transformative energies you will be working with.

Connecting daily with the healing red rocks of Sedona will recharge your energy.
Click here to watch a video of the area that will mesmerize you!

Meet your Unmasked Facilitators:

EagleSpirit, Soul Seer & Contemporary Shaman

Over the last 25 years, EagleSpirit has worked with clients, helping them relax their bodies, release limiting beliefs and radiate their most authentic selves. Her private Soul Journeys and sacred Spirit Quest Tours around the world support clients to love the lives they lead. One of her favourite journeying spots is the southwest, as she has been coming to Sedona regularly since 1998. Well known for being able to help clients at a crossroad poised to make major life changes, her energetic work with the four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) draws from a variety of traditions and builds from her training and unique gifts. And now she is providing deep long lasting work activating the crystal body and pineal glands for  clients wishing to  manifest their deepest desires from a soul perspective!
Duane Red Wolf Davis, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Frequency Artist

His psychic awakening after a near death experience at age 4 blessed Duane with powerful healing gifts.  A Sedona sensitive who works on several levels, acts as a catalyst for change for clients who visit with him. Duane’s empathic abilities allow him to merge on a quantum level with the time and place where you have manifested your desires and connect you there with your energetic blueprint. His personalized Soul Astrology work and Personal Activation Art pieces are created for individuals and keyed to their personal frequencies so that they may be  used as activators to help manifest your deepest desires from a soul perspective. Visit Duane’s website to learn more.
Reconnect with your Spiritual Warrior Self today
Soul Retrieval Sessions release limiting beliefs and help you reclaim your power.

The natural beauty of this area, the rejuvenating calm and the magical vortex energies provide the most life-changing experiences imaginable.

I need to be there. How do I register? 

I want to be there!

Wow! Sounds fabulous and I want more details. Tell me more about how this work helps me take my life to a whole new level.

We’d love to share more about the program which is being tailored for the group that gathers. Definitely not your typical tour and perfect if you are wanting to experience an expanded version of YOU! Contact us now to chat more about small group/big transformation Spirit Quest Tours.

Looking forward to personally welcoming you as my guest in Sedona this November! Many blessings, EagleSpirit