Give yourself the exclusive gift of a guided retreat to anywhere in the world that is calling to your heart. Say yes to this unique one-week intensive designed specifically for you by your soul.

This is not just a trip. It is a journey — a once in a lifetime adventure.

Break out of your comfort zone.  With EagleSpirit as your gentle guide, you are encouraged to embrace and honour your most powerful and creative Self.

Reconnect with your inner wisdom and transform your life.

Let go of the old stories that have kept you stuck.  Let go.

Re-member all that you are.  Experience the magic in each moment.

Pausing to converse with “strangers” and speaking from your heart… giving yourself permission to play… slowing to enjoy foods that nourish you… visiting places that you once only dreamed of… marvelling at the beauty of a sunset… journaling about your day’s experiences as you sit by a babbling brook.

Whole again. Home again.

When you come home you are different.

You are more present for you and your loved ones. Your relationships magically shift.

You attract an abundance of all good things – prosperity, right livelihood, good health and more – when your life choices are in alignment with your soul’s purpose.Embrace your true essence, release limiting patterns and reconnect with the wonder of who you truly are!
Curious about where your soul is calling you?Get in touch for details

2 comments on “Soul Journeys

    • When your heart speaks so clearly like that, best to pay good attention my friend. Look forward to chatting more with you this weekend about what your special week could look like. Truly the entire week is designed by your soul! My job is to listen and help you get to the people and places that help you connect to your Inner Wisdom and so much more!! No two Soul Journeys are ever the same. The only thing that each of them have shared is that they are LIFE CHANGING!! Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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